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Visa Refusal - International Student From Bangladesh

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Dear Concern,

I was refused entry twice for Tier4 General Visa in the year 2014 Jan and Feb. Later on I was issued visa on May 2014 - Sept 2018. Due to sickness I couldn't continue my studies after successfully finishing first semester with A grades. After recovering from illness, I faced my IELTS for UKVI and got the certificate in 24th of October 2015. I want to re-start my studies but the problem is that no university (which I applied till date) wants to accept me for my previous refusal(s).

Can you please explain what can I do to convince them to get the CAS and apply for visa as they believe I will be refused for those previous refusals.

As far my knowledge, UK visa's are issued on grounds of law. Keeping that in mind, I did everything to keep my Tier4 status clean.

I want your earnest help regarding this matter.



  • @abmka
    I disagree you did not do everything to keep your Tier 4 status clean, you should not even be in the UK.

    You were given a student visa to enable you to study , you studied for about four months the rest of the time you have been ill, its hard to understand what illness is so serious it prevented you for studying for a year.

    The visa you hold is to enable you to study not to take free treatment from the NHS.

    You are in breach of the law that is why the colleges refuse to grant you a CAS and I do not understand why you still have a visa as your British college would have informed UKVI that you have failed to attend your studies.

    My answer is go back to Bangladesh as no one in the UK will provide a CAS and in my opnion you are illegally in the UK and can be picked up any time by immigration enforcement.
  • Sorry as I failed to provide one information.

    I informed my tier4 sponsor that I'm unable to join class due my sickness (nasal bleeding + high BP). As you know nasal bleeding with high blood pressure can cause brain strokes and my family has history of it. I informed my Tier4 sponsor with the copy of medical prescription from the GP and returned to Bangladesh the 3rd day of my sickness. I was under doctors' consultation for 8 months. After recovering from ailment, I started preparing myself for IELTS for UKVI as my previous IELTS certificate expired and got my new certificate on the date mentioned above.

    As I informed my tier4 sponsor, my visa was curtailed.

    I hope to get help this time. If you need more information just give a shout.

  • edited April 2016
    I standby everything I have written , you have not studied for over one year.

    Many people in the UK have high blood pressure, they live normal lives and they do not suddenly get better. You have not studied and are in breach of your visa
    You have no visa and no one will give you a CAS go back to Bangladesh and reapply.

    Even when you reapply from Bangladesh you will have great difficulty in finding a university/college to give a CAS as you have a poor immigration history, it is also highly
    unlikely you that you will be granted another visa.

    Maybe you should look to studying elsewhere

  • @Alethia

    I already mentioned; I returned to Bangladesh on the 3rd day of my sickness. I didn't over stay in the UK. I got my treatment from Bangladesh. I don't know what is the scenario of high blood pressure is others having but my one was worsened with nasal bleeding and it's not possible here to make understand. Just a single line from my doctor " you're lucky enough that you had nasal bleeding otherwise there was a very high chance of you having brain stroke"...

    Let me clear the point again...

    I didn't overstay in the name of sickness. I returned to Bangladesh on the very third day of my sickness...

    I got my visa on 4th May 2014 and returned to Bangladesh on 10th October 2014...

    Now kindly suggest me what to do...
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    Let me very clear with few things.

    I never overstayed nor I missed any of my class.

    As soon as I recovered, I took preparation for IELTS FOR UKVI and scored a overall of 7

    As no university is offering me any place, I am doing a distance learning programme in Stonebridge College, UK...

    I entered UK on 7th May 2014 and left UK on 10th October 2014...same year

    I never had any intention of using my student visa for other means nor I had any plan for 10 years route for citizenship.

    I am a genuine student with the true intention of study and building a successful career...

    I didn't work for a single day in my previous entry to the UK as I have more than enough to support me always.
  • @abmka
    You have dragged this thread on because you failed to give all the frequired information at outset.

    British colleges are under no obligation to offer places to overseas students, you have an
    unreliable history and as I said in my previous posts I doubt if you will be granted a CAS or visa.

    The UK has an excellent healthcare system far superior to Bangladesh yet you decided to stop your studies and go back to Bangladesh, because you were diagnosed with high blood pressure. You have bought this problem on yourself. I repeat you may have to look to another country to study.
  • British universities are no way obliged to offer places to international students. True enough. That's is why deported 48,000 international students illegally. Not my sayings...said by the honourable tribunal.

    Secondly I didn't mess up the situation on my own. I don't have any relatives living in the UK and my parents were too much worried with my health leaving me with no option except setting out to depart for Bangladesh.

    Sickness is not something you bring on your own. If you have any point that I can include in my application let me know...
  • @Alethia

    I came here for help not to face humiliation...

    Read this article :

    Help me if you want to rather nagging in the thread.
  • edited April 2016
    My intention was not to humiliate you but to point out why you will not be given a CAS or visa. You are typical of people who ask a question on this forum and when they do not receive the answers they want, they become unpleasant and insulting,

    For your information all students now have to pay £150 a year in advance when they are granted a UK visa to fund any NHS medical treatment. A four year student visa now incurs a health charge of £600 on top of the visa fee.

    I am a British lawyer based in the UK and I have given you correct advice.
  • @Alethia

    Thank you for all the correspondence made so far.

    I'm ready to pay all the charge that will be incurred by the Home Office.

    Allow me to make my question more particular and that is :-

    my university to which i applied offered me a place but they think i will be refused for my previous two refusals jan and feb 2014.

    As i said earlier, I was issued visa after my refusals in may 2014.

    Now suggest me how can I convince them that my visa won't be affected due to previous refusals.

    hope to have a positive vibe from you this time.
  • edited April 2016
    Here is a positive vibe why not apply to study in Malaysia. Why Malaysia?
    Many British universities have strong links to Malaysia allowing you to join a programme that is offered as twinning i.e. a programme that allows students to complete the first part of their studies in Malaysia before transferring to the twinning partner university in the UK.

    This will build up credibility both in the UK university and consequently the Entry Clearance Officer allowing you to have your British degree.
  • thanks for that..

    so if I complete my first year in malaysia and apply to the UK to start from second year, will i be accepted?

    and will my previous two refusals from UK will be a problem to get malaysian student pass

    thank you
  • @abmka
    Please read the information I gave you check out the universities in Malaysia that offer the course you wish to study and contact them for further information on the twinning programme.

    The UK granted you a visa you need to offer this as a positive not keep on about the refusals. I have given you a bona fide way to study in the UK, the rest is up to you.
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