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UK PR visa

edited April 2016 in Europe
Hello, my husband had applied for his PR (ILR) do you have any ideas how long it takes to get response? I'm afraid I have heard it takes time :(
How long it takes?
As my husband gets his PR response then he ll apply for my visa.
Then I could come uk.
Thank you
Looking forward to hear from you


  • I'm never ceased to be amazed how so many of the visa/immigration questions on this forum fail to state the single most important piece of information: Nationality.

    Even if nationality isn't directly related to the original question it's still a crucial bit of info.

  • Sorry it's, Pakistani nationally
  • @7575
    It can take approximately six months to process an application for Indefinie leave to remain.
  • Ohh :( six month is average time ?
    It can takes less than 6months? To get response?
  • @7575
    I am an immigration lawyer and we always tell clients approximately six months, if it comes earlier its a bonus. UK Visas and Immigration work very slowly.
    There is always a chance that ILR could be refused it is not a foregone conclusion.
  • Ohh :(
    Okay, thank you
    Hopefully it does not take that much time. I'm eagerly waiting for my husband's PR response.
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