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Beautiful Vietnam - last minute cruise deal!

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Vietnam is my country and it is, indeed, a beautiful country with hospitable people, I have been to every corner of Vietnam. So I always want to help those who are interested in Vietnam.


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    It just so happens we have a last minute cruise deal to Vietnam from £799.

    How is my description of HCMC and Da-Nang, accurate?
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    It’s glad to see that you have tours to Vietnam. I have read your description about Ho Chi Minh City and Da-nang, however I found that you made some mistakes:

    1. The name “ Saigon”: according to one of the hypotheses about the origin of the name” Saigon”, it appeared in 1674. It means that the name “Saigon” appeared before the French invasion.

    2. The length of Cu Chi Tunnels is only about 250km, just a half as long as you mentioned.

    3. In the sentence “Da-Nang is the cultural and religious hub of the Champa kingdom ...declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000”. I think you are not correct at this point because in fact, it is the Holy Sanctuary of M? S?n 68km from Danang that is considered the heart of the old Cham civilisation with remnants of its religious centre still visible and is Vi?t Nam’s most important Ch?m temple complex ; and was listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1999, not Danang.

    4. You mentioned Ha Long Bay in the Danang Section, it is also not accurate because Halong Bay is located in the Northeast of Vietnam, belonging to QuangNinh Province, meanwhile Danang is in Central Vietnam.

    6. Actually, tourists always visit Hoi An Ancient Town, which is a part of Hoi An City , is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Coming to Hoi An, besides Japanese Covered Bridge and Thien Hau Temple, Assembly Halls and Merchants’ Houses are musts for tourists.

    I hope I help you to know more about Vietnam, my beloved country. And one more thing why don’t you organise more cruise tours to other places in Vietnam like Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, Vung Tau and Phu Quoc. All of them are extremely suitable for cruise tours. Welcome to Vietnam!
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