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UK Tier 4 Visa Refused

Dear Admin,

I was studying my undergrade in the UK. I completed my first year course in 2012. Later on I couldn't enroll myself because my financial sponsor i.e. my father had a very big loss in his business and was unable to support me. I informed my university about the condition and they gave me 1 month extension to pay the fees but I couldn't. So I returned to Pakistan and my visa was curtailed. After I returned I was helping my father with his business and now we are in a stable state and I can re-begin my studies. I got CAS from BPP University to study but my visa got refused.

Reason - The ECO is not satisfied that I'm a genuine student - 245ZV

Should I re-apply or lodge a appeal?

Wanting suggestion from the experts.


  • @ montasir
    There is no appeal for Tier 4 refusal you must submit an Administrative Review.

    I suggest you proceed with the Administrative Review, you are facing an uphill struggle because your visa was curtailed.
  • @Alethia

    The BHC turned down my administrative review. I mailed my university about it and my university i.e. BPP wants to issue me cas for Sept 2016. Can you please advice me what to do now so that I don't get refused again.
  • @montasir
    You really are going to struggle to obtain entry clearance due to your poor immigration history. i.e. the curtailment of your visa.

    Please tell me briefly the reasons for refusal of this recent application and I will try to advise you further
  • @Alethia

    The ECO is not satisfied that I'm a genuine student - 245ZV.

    I talked to the university and they referred me to their agent. I showed him all the papers and he said I must write briefly about my past history in the additional information on the visa application form to which I didn't understand anything.

    Kindly help me with this matter as I will be applying soon with my new CAS from BPP.
  • @Alethia

    I'm waiting for your reply mam.
  • @montasir
    This is an extremely complex refusal and to say you were refused under para 245ZV is insufficient . What were the reasons for refusal?
  • Really this is a extremely complex refusal. I suggest you to proceed with the administrative review.
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