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Schengen Visa refusal

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Hi! I have applied for schengen visa at the Italian consulate in japan to attend a onference in Rome, but it was refused by unfair reason " one or more member state consider you to be a threat to public policy, internal security or public health as defined in article 2(19),,,. while i submitted all required documents. I am from Afghanistan and studying in japan, please tell me does it affect my future applications? The conference is already finished, should I appeal against it or not.


  • @saam
    One or more member state consider you to be a threat to public policy, internal security or public health as defined in article 2(19)

    This is a very serious refusal and here are the reasons behind the refusal.

    You have submitted fake or false documents and / or made contradictory statements.
    You have attempted deceit.
    You have a negative entry in the AZR (Central Register of Foreigners); as long as this remains, it is not possible to grant you a visa.
  • Thank you so much for the quick response Alethia.

    Me and my two other friends applied same time and submitted same documets, they have got the visa but not me.
    I dont know what happened during application and submission of documents. This is first time i applied for European country visa, and in japan, it is my first time i have traveled abroad and thats for study only and have a clean foretime.

    What do you mean by having negavitve entry at AZR? I never entered Europe before.
    You mean i have to appeal against this? Please give me any information you have on how and where to appeal, coz in the embassy notification is writed as" an appeal can be brought against this decision directly at the T.A.R of the Latium Region".
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    You do have the rightof appeal but I am afraid you will not get much answer as no government has to justify the granting/refusal of visas under current international agreements. Obtaining a visa is not a right, defined by a rule of law, but a privilege. A state is free to deny a visa to any applicant without justification, or to refuse entry on its territory to any alien, even if said alien was granted a visa.
    You can be denied entry even to a State which as granted you a visa.
  • Thanks again,

    I got it, but my concern is about the future applications. How serious will this refusal affect my future visa applications? and what things i should consider in future application, please give me some suggestions.

  • Foreigners may receive information free of charge about the data stored about them by submitting a written application. (Requesting personal information in accordance with sec. 34 of the AZR Act).
    Here is the application form/

    The applicant's signature on the application must be officially certified.Certification can be carried out by a German embassy, a notary or an authorised office in your country of origin.
  • Alethia! I appreciate your supports, but please give answers a ccording to questions, i am confused.
    The other, its written in the refusal notification that the appeal should be brought in T.A.R. of Latium Region, is it in germany or Italy? The link you have shared is in Germany and German language.

    My main concern is the effect of this refusal to my future application, dose it have serious effect or not?
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    You appeal to Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale (T.A.R.) (regional administrative court) of Lazio within 60 days of receipt of the notification of denial.

    AZR (Central Register of Foreigners) this is based in Germany, it stores information on foreigners who have applied for and been refused visa's . As I said in my first post if there is a negative entry on the AZR about you, then you will always be refused a visa. Schengen countries share information about non EU nationals via AZR and SIS the Schengen Information System. If you read my posts more closely I was suggesting you ask AZR if the hold any adverse information. I did not say you appeal to them.

    By the way to appeal to (T.A.R.) (regional administrative court) you will need an Italian lawyer.
    You obviously do not read my replies to you, I have written very clearly that this is a serious refusal and as long as one or more member state consider you a threat , you will not be granted any future visas.

    Is that clear enough?
  • Thank you Alethia, its so nice of you.
    Would you introduce me a lawyer in Rome? If you can, it will be appreciated.
  • @saam
    Very sorry I but I cannot help as I do not know an Italian lawyer specialising in Schengen appeals
  • Dear Alethia.

    Me too have same situation my Schengen visa is also refused under article 2(19). Embassy is not telling that which state has raised objection and what sort of objection is this. Whereas, i have clean record at Schengen system. Unless i know which state has raised objection and what kind of objection has been raised i am unable to pursue my appeal or reapply. Therefore, kindly tell me what should i do?
  • @ahmedaty
    I assume you can read and are computer literate?
    If you are then try reading this thread and my post date 18 April just 4 posts above this and the answer to what you should do is written there. I am also assuming you were refused by italy.
  • Alethia Thanks for your reply.
    Well, visa application is refused by Netherlands Embassy Islamabad. My Inquiry is related that my visa application is refused under article 2(19) and what Schengen State has raised the objection and what sort of that objection is. And Netherlands Embassy is not willing to disclose it. As you suggested then should i contact German Authority to get clarification from their record of The Central Register of Foreigners (AZR). But i dont have the postal address of German Authority to send the application form.
    Therefore, kindly tell me the postal address or if possible then fax number of authority as well.

    Thanks alot in advance.
  • @ahmedaty
    Google AZR, I am not your secretary.
    You should also appeal the decision.
  • Thanks for your reply.
    Although, you are not my secretary but my good friend. I offer you my services as friend regarding any matter in Pakistan and UK related with law matters.

    Wish u all the best.
  • @saam
    Dear Saam
    I had the same refusal from Italian embassy in UAE, can I know what happens with your case, did you appealed?
    and did you know what the reason for this refusal?
  • @amjadho
    It is highly unlikely that you will receive an answer as this topic is over a year old
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