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Documents attestation for Tunisia marriage

edited April 2016 in - Tunisia

I am planning to go to Tunisia for wedding, I know the list of documents required.

My nationality : Indian
Residence : Canada

After getting all the documents:
1. Affidavit of single status
2. Proof of religion
3. Passport & copies

All documents has to be attested for authenticity ??

Can you let me know if consulate or embassy of Tunisia want the documents authenticated first by the Official Documents Services or by the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, or whether the respective embassy would just accept the notarized copies and bypassing the authentication process

Thank you.


  • @mozak
    Firstly, you do not need copies of your passport but you do require a copy of your birth certificate issued no more than 21 days before your wedding.

    The Canadian Embassy dont want your documents notarised wherever did you get this idea.?

    All the Canadian Embassy does is issues the Declaration of single status and they can probably translate and certify the documents, but Embassies are expensive.
    Frankly it is cheaper and easier to have a Tunisian notary translate and notarise them.
  • Here is problem, am not Canadian citizen.

    Am Indian citizen, working in canada, with worker status.

    I got certificate of single status and non impediment for marriage abroad and notarized. But I need to know, does tunisia law requires this certificate to be authenticated, legalized and attested.
  • @mozak

    What is this obsession you have with attested documents? If you are not Canadian why did you ask about the "Documents Services or by the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada"

    Tunisian law does not require, authentication, attestation or certification,
    Simply take your documents to a Tunisian notary who will tranlate at notarise the translated documents.
  • Just to note, as a British Citizen, only the French translation of my Certificate of No Impediment by the British Embassy was acceptable for marriage in Tunisia,it had to have the Embassy stamp on it, other documents were able to be translated by a certified translator, not sure how this stands with your Indian nationality.
  • Indian embassy mentioned the same to get attested from embassy/ consulate but I don't know, Alethia mentioned above differentky
  • edited April 2016
    @sareer24 &@mozak

    As a an Indian citizen (its irrelevant that he lives in Canada) Mozak has to deal with the Indian Embassy in Tunis. India does not have a Certificate of No Impediment but the Indian Embassy should offer the equivalent of the Certificate of non impediment other countries offer this service. What documents do you need attested?

    Indian Embassy provides
    Affidavit as equivalent of certificate of no impediment

    What else do they need to "attest" this can be done by the Tunisian notaire when the documents are translated.
    Why are you making this big fuss.
  • Alethia, having recently married in Tunisia, any credible translator and notaire will insist on the CONI or equivalent being translated and stamped by the appropriate authority, this is essential now in Tunisia.
  • @sareer24
    The Certificate of No Impediment is a British document. Other nationalities use affidavits issued by embassies which are attested as a matter of course. It has been like that for many years its not just now.

    Not everyone on this forum is British @mozak is an Indian citizen so there is no CONI and he wont be going to the British embassy.

  • @Alethia Thanks for explaination, it make sense now. But even i tried with Indian embassy in Canada, they were not much helpful either. They don't even provide any affidavit or any form of certificate.

    I got a certificate from local authorities, took oath and get notarized from Ontario services.

    On safer side working on affidavit in India, i contacted few agencies in India, who actually does these affidavits, and get attested from Ministry of external affairs ( to use this affidavit in foreign country).

    I hope this will work.
  • @mozak
    I asked some contacts of mine from India and I believe this is the procedure to obtain a
    Single Status Certificate from India. Even if you appoint an agent at least you know the procedure and you wont be ripped off.

    1. Obtain a notary attestation on Indian "stamp paper"declaring your single status
    Stamp paper is the special paper used in India for affidavits and declarations.

    2. Take it to the Home Department and get it attested. This will take only one day.

    3.Then take this affidavit to the Ministry of External Affairs or branch office and get the
    Payment is in the form of a demand draft of postal order for approximately 50 INR.

    In Tunisia you present the Single Status document to the Indian embassy in Tunis to be translated and automatically attested.

    Every country has its own procedure regarding these certificates and affidavits
  • Alethia, I am not that dim, I know he is Indian and won't be going to the British Embassy, we're not all thickos on here!!!
  • @Alethia thank you very much.

    For sure, they will ripp me off for this affidavit. , because I live here.

    Anyways getting it done is important for me.
  • Hello please someone helps me tunisian girl and am getting married with English man in 2 month. .I need to know which documents I need to apply for my settlement visa to join my husband. ...
  • It's true I will need a letter from mufti to say that my husband is Muslim or converting to Islam? ???? Please who do it and who didn't. ..I need an answer
  • @Amel
    You cannot marry a foreign man in Tunisia unless he is a Muslim.Your fiance will require proof he has converted to Islam in the UK, this will certificate will be given to the “Mufti”, who is the national religious authority in Tunisia. The mufti delivers the Certificate of Conversion that must be presented to City Hall before a marriage can take place. The conversion process can take three months or longer.

    So unless your fiance gets a move on you will not be marrying in 2 months !

    As for the documents you need for your spouse visa, firstly you need to be married which has already been delayed.

    Does your husband to be earn over £18,600 per year inthe UK ? Unless he earns this amount or more you wont be going to the UK.
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