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Getting married Tunisia

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Hi, I'm hoping to get married to my Tunisian partner in Tunisia I'm from UK and was reading that once married if he is to come live with me and my family, my earnings have to be over 18600. What if my earnings are lower than that die to being a carer to my autistic son? Will he still be able to live with us? Thank you. Kim


  • @kimBleakley

    If you are the registered carer for your son and are in receipt of carers allowance you do not need to meet the£18600 requirement.
    However, it is a complex application so I suggest you seek legal advice regarding this application
  • Thank you for your reply and yes I'm his registered carer but who or where is best to get the advice about this as I've been looking for info about getting married and all other info in my town but I've found nothing I'm from bury lanc's grt Manchester any info would be greatly appreciated as I really miss being apart from my partner ☹️
  • @kimbleakly
    You will need a letter from the GP and or hospital regarding your sons medical condition and an uptodate letter from the Carers Allowance Unit, DWP regarding care allowance and your other benefits.Do you work at all?

    Here is a list of legally registered immigration advisors and solicitors in Manchester

    This organisation offer free or a contribution advice
  • I did work but left my job in 24th March while I await a operation to have my heart valves replaced as I have mitral stenosis and hopefully return back to work when I've had a date for op and recovered,thank you for your links I really appreciate it,would my local citezens advice know how things work about all this stuff thanks Kim
  • @kimBleakley
    DO NOT go to Citizens Advice, they are not qualified to provide this kind of advice,
    The link I gave you has free advice centres such as Greater Manchester Immigration Advice Unit.
    Even if you work part time, it will be a great help.
  • Ok thanks I have sent a message to the link you gave me and they sent one back saying they will get in touch with in 2 days so thank you,the documents I need translated to French or Arabic I'm confused as to do I need them translating over here or do they need translating once I'm over there thanks for all your advice and links
  • @kimBleakley

    To marry in Tunisia you will need the following documents.

    A copy of your birth certificate from the register office birth certificate no older than 21 days prior to marriage


    Certificate of No Impediment , this document shows you are free to marry. You book an appoinment for this with your local Manchester register office, they will advise you of the cost and what documents you will need. It takes approximately one month to obtain the CONI

    All these must be translated into Arabic or French and certified. This can be done cheaply and easily in Tunisia, much cheaper than the UK. A Tunisian notaire can provide this service.

    You must both have blood tests in Tunisia.

    Your fiance will need a new original certificate de naissance ( Tunisian birth certificate) issued no more than 21 days before your marriage. He will also need his certificate d'identitie and passport .

  • Please can I just stress the importance of having your CONI translated into French at the British Embassy in Tunis, it is a must have, other documents can be translated elsewhere.
  • Thank you
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    I am getting married in October. I am going for a holiday in July can I get my CNI done in July and certification in the embassy in Tunis in July
    Will it still be valid for October ?
  • Kimmo - it should be ok but you may want to check with the embassy to ensure. the laws here change at the drop of a hat and what is legally acceptable today may not be tomorrow
  • Thanks will do. Can i also ask there is paperwork that will be signed at the wedding in terms of financial plans what's mine is mine and his is his etc... when will I see these papers to read them as I believe that will be in Arabic or French will I have the time to translate and understand what I'm signing before I marry ?
  • @kimmo
    I do not know what country you are from but what your asking is ridiculous. This is a civil wedding not a financial transaction. No civil wedding in any country sorts out financial plans on the wedding day, you are saying " I do" to marriage not a division of assets.

    If you want a prenuptial agreement you need to go to a lawyer.
  • Kimmo, my husband insisted on the contract saying what belongs to me is mine, he did not want the one where it is equal, however, not sure how this would stand up under our laws here, it's up to you and your fiance which contract to have and how much you trust your husband, it will be in Arabic initially.
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    I realise you married in Tunisia recently and are are loved up and enamoured by your new husband and Tunisia. this does not make you an expert. It also appears you know little or nothing about "bezness" and that 70 - 80% of marriages with a Tunisian male and foreign female end in divorce.

    Specially designated Notaries at the City Hall Registry Office “Bureau de l’Etat Civil a la Municipalite” perform marriages in Tunisia. Only marriages celebrated before such an official in compliance with Tunisian Law No. 57 August 1, 1957, as amended are legal. This marriage law was drawn up under Tunisian state law not Islamic sharia law.

    If one or both of the contracting parties are foreigners, Tunisian law requires that the marriage also fulfill the marriage requirements of the foreigner’s country. This known as a CIVIL ceremony.

    These contracts you refer to have NOTHING whatsoever to do with the CIVIL marriage ceremony. I repeat Tunisian law requires that the marriage also fulfill the marriage requirements of the foreigner’s country. No civil marriage in the EU, UK, USA etc have marriage contracts signed on the wedding day that deals with assests. On your wedding day your going to say " I do" not lets sort out our finances.

    These contracts you speak of are drawn up seperately under Sharia Islamic law and are the islamic version of a prenuptial agreement.
    These documents are not worth the paper they are written on and certainly would not stand up in a court of law outside of Tunisia, nor do they mean very much in Tunisia.

    Numerous foreign women have been scammed by their Tunisian husbands out of money, property and assets , there are websites dedicated to women who have been well and truly scammed by their Tunisian husbands and were afforded no protection by these ridiculous contracts that are meaningless in a binational marriage.
    One of the most famous of the cases is a woman called Delene Alouane who was duped out of apporoximatetly £150,000 and property by her Tunisian husband Ahmed Ben Abdullah Alouane.This matter is still dragging through the courts after 6 years. Delene signed this worthless document you are talking about , it was no help to her.
  • So can i ask for the contract before the wedding day to translate it and ensure I have the one that States what mine is mine. Sareer? What would i need to ask for ?
  • To ensure I have the correct contract for the day of the wedding?
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    I have been a lawyer for over 25 years and I rarely come across someone who fails to listen to reason the way you have done. These contracts are worthless, and carry no weight in Tunisia or in any other country.
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    ...hi..i need a help. ..i planing to marry a Germany girl i need to know what is exactly the papier of us to be married in Tunisia. And where i will married in ambassy? ..i need to know what's the exactly steps for do that ...thx for advance
  • Alethia, I have been on every website possible regarding bezness, love rats etc, I realise that the majority of these and really most marriages now, end in divorce, I know you are the resident 'expert' here, heaven forbid I make any suggestions, I just recount my experience and don't assume to know all the laws inside out as you obviously do, I am not naive enough to be scammed or ripped off as it's just perceived that anyone who marries a Tunisian etc is 'loved up' and has lost their sense of reality. The little that I do have is set up in trust for my children with clauses attached, btw who are half Moroccan, and no, I was not ripped off by him, we are still the best of friends. You fail to credit a few people with a little bit of sense and put everyone in the same 'fool' basket.
  • @sareer24

    At no time did I suggest you were a fool, what I was trying to point out was that your post to @kimmo was unhelpful. Nothing I wrote was personal in nature. If I was as bigoted as you make out I would give my time and knowledge free of charge to help and advise people on this site and in the real world.

    I asked @Lesley who is also an expert and lives in Tunisia about these marriage contracts and her response was

    ".... But outside of Tunisia it's not worth the paper it is written on."

    Thats the point I was trying to make , you signed a document that is worthless outside of Tunisia and you failed to point this out to @kimmo

    How do you think these women are scammed if these marriage contracts are so precious.

  • zanati1 - there are so, so many threads here about marrying a foreign woman!!!! But here I go again:

    Your friend needs:

    certificate de naissance no older than 21 days before marriage
    if she is married before she needs documents of divorce
    she needs document confirming her single status and ability to marry
    she needs passport

    all these must be originals and translated into Arabic/French - you can do that here more cheaply than in Germany.

    You need:

    btak tarif
    passport (if you have one)
    certificate de naissance no older than 21 days before marriage

    both of you need blood tests which you can do together here.

    inchallah mabrouk
  • Thanks for that @Lesley. @zanati1, if you have any more questions check out this old thread about getting married in Tunisia - pages and pages of questions similar to yours and advise from experts like Lesley.
  • Hi I am Latvian citizen and live in England for two years . I have fiance from Tunisia we are together 2 years 3 months we make a date of wedding in 24th december . But what exectley I need for marry my fiance ?
  • Do a search on this forum and you will find literally hundreds of answers to your questions. If you still need help then I will be happy to reply
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