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Lesotho passport holder visiting Israel

edited April 2016 in - Southern Africa
I'm lesotho passport holder , I want to travel to Israel to witness some of their festivals, but I'm not sure which document do I have to send to their embassy, I also heard is visa free for lesotho national is it true? Pls help me , if it is free do I have to jst travel to Israel or go to their embassy for further processing?


  • @sirAlex78

    Lesotho passport holders do not require a visa for Israel, you are granted 3 months on arrival.
  • Thanks for ur quick response, just want to kno again which document to show thm on arrival.
  • @sirAlex78

    To enter Israel, you require a passport that is valid for a minimum of six months from the date of entry.

  • Innocent am a Lesotho passport holder and I want to visit Israel to explore their customs and tradition as I heard it's visa free but I want to know like what minimum amount of cash to facilitate the entrance at the port of entry?
  • @innocent
    Your right Lesotho passport holders do not need a visa for Israel.
    I dont understand your question "how much cash do you need to facilitate the entrance at the port of entry"
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