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Dating Scam or not?

edited April 2016 in - Southern Africa
My sister has met a guy of 48 years with an 11 year old daughter who has traveled to South Africa for work, he was on his way home when they were in a "car accident" on their way to the airport. I have talked to him on the phone he sounds pretty bad but is asking for help with his medical expenses, first time asking for money in 8 months since he left. Is he looking to scam her or not?


  • @amd122767

    I can tell you without any doubt that this is a scam and he has been grooming your sister.
    This is one of the oldest and most common scams, the accident on the way to the airport. Please do not send this person any money.

    Why is he asking your sister for money? If he is working he should have medical insurance, normally it is part of an employment package for expatriates.

    If he gave a story that he won a contract in South Africa then thats a lie also. No bone fide traveller or overseas worker would travel without medical insurance. Why has he not contacted his embassy if he is in difficulties or his employer or co workers, why is your sister the only one who can help him? This is totally a scam.
  • Just to back up Alethia here, totally a scam. If a foreigner working in South Africa had a car accident they would have medical/travel insurance, would be well taken care of, and could easily appeal to their embassy for help if necessary. We have heard this exact story before.
  • Ditto Alethia & Ella.

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