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Laws on marriage if training/joining the police

edited April 2016 in - Tunisia
Hi I've been told that if a Tunisian guy is training to work in the police and passes that he will not be allowed to marry someone from uk and won't be allowed to leave his country is that correct thanks


  • @kimBleakley
    I actually rang my contacts inTunisia to confirm I was giving the correct advice.
    There is no law that the police officer cannot marry a foreigner , what happens is that the police officer must seek permission before he can marry. When a person becomes a police officer background checks are done on the whole family.

    Obviously if permission is granted and they do marry they must resign from the police force when they are granted the visa for their new country of residence.

    I was hoping Lesley the Tunisian resident expert would be along.
  • Alethia is correct - there are many police here who are married to foreigners and yes they must resign when they get that precious visa!!! But you should also be aware that the foreign 'wife' will also be investigated so her record should be spotless.
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