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Form of Money to carry in Tunisia

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I was wondering which form of money would be easy, safe & accessible to carry to Tunisia.

I am resident of Canada, planning to travel to Tunisia in May 2016.

Cash currency, Credit cards, Travellers cheques or any other form.

One more thing, depends on currency form, where can i find good exchange rates.

Thank you in advance.


  • @mozak

    It is not possible to export Tunisian currency, and for that reason your bank cannot order any for you to take with you.

    Tunisian dinars are easy enough to obtain on arrival, there are no "best exchange rates" as the exchange rate is fixed by the Government, and you will be offered that rate everywhere for example at the airport and at your hotel.

    You may find it better to exchange some currency at these locations but there are ATMs.

    Please note that it is illegal to take ANY Tunisian currency out of the country.

    Before leaving Canada you should contact your bank and let them know you are going Tunisia and for how long, otherwise you could have your card(s) blocked due to irregular spending patterns.
  • Mozak - the euro is the most acceptable currency here or second the USD. Don't exchange a lot at once as you may be left with dinar that you cannot exchange once you leave the country. As Alethia says, the government fixes the er but be careful at the airport and the hotel - they can and most often do charge a commission. Credit cards here are not the norm, cash is king so you can save on cr fees. Also we have a prolific black market so you may get a better rate especially for euros. Your fiancee's family may well know someone who knows someone who knows someone. You should declare that you have foreign currency when you enter the country so that you have the entitlement to change it back before you leave. The customs will give you the documents when you arrive.
  • @mozak
    in August I am traveling to Tunisia to meet a man that I met online. We have be talking to the past 4 years. Now he's proposed to me and have invited me to visit. My question it safe for an unmarried couple to live in the same flat? I am staying with my fiance at his flat. Is there going to be a problem and also will we be able to out in pblic places together?
  • @rayeobe
    @mozak has never been to Tunisia so its very odd you put your question to them.

    I would never stay in the apartment of a man I had never met. Talking for 4 years on line means nothing. You know nothing about this man other than what he has told you. Maybe when you meet he repulses you that is there is no attraction, afterall Skype and reality are not the same or maybe he has bad habits.
    After all sharing an apartment assumes there will be sexual activity. For this first trip you should stay alone in a hotel until you see how things progress.

    Of course you can go out together in public, strange question.

    I know Tunisia very well and I am sure Lesley the forum expert who lives in Tunisia will agree with me on the answer I have given.
  • @rayeobe, I totally agree with Alethia. Please book yourself into a hotel, even if it is just for the first few days. Maybe this will be the fairytale you imagine but it isn't safe to put yourself completely at this man's mercy before you have even met him. I'm sure you'll feel much more comfortable staying in a hotel, and if you guys hit it off and you feel happy and safe with him you can always move into his flat after a few days.
  • edited May 2016
    Agree 150% with Alethia...............rayeobe please do not stay in an apartment with a man you don't know, who may or may not be a good person, where you don't know the society, the culture or even speak the language. Come on now, use the brain you have and stay in a hotel BY YOURSELF!!
  • rayeobe, I really hope you're listening to the sound, common sense, rational advice above.

    Staying with a man you've never met is, quite frankly, nuts.

    Good luck.

  • Geurradios - I would stop if I were you! Or I shall name and shame you on this public forum and you know what I am talking about. What is funny about common sense and advising a woman to be cautious about her safety.
  • edited May 2016
    It seems Geurradios has removed his very rude post .
  • Hmmmm...........courageous to the max it seems
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