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American girl moving to married a Bedouin in Petra, Jordan. Recommendations /advise it's appreciated

Hi I'm from California moving to Jordan very soon to marry the love of my life. I'm so exciting about this new chapter in my life. I would love to know how is the dressing code , how is the social life, I'm planning on looking for a job as soon as I get my Arabic to a next level. Please any help will be so much appreciated . Thank you


  • "... I would love to know how is the dressing code , how is the social life..."

    You're marrying into a culture that you've never visited nor have any experience with?

    Have you ever travelled outside of the US?

  • @mimiamman
    Unbelievable, your marrying a man, who is the love of your life but you know nothing about his culture, religion or country. Have you even met this man yet? In the real world not on line.

    You are not moving to Oklahoma this is a world apart from everything you know and take for granted. Islam is the main religion and a way of life. Start by getting hold of a copy of the Koran and reading chapter 4 on "The Women". When they were written down, these verses were considered highly advanced and enlightened, and annoyed a great many of the men.They have not changed since the seventh century. You might like to think about that. Any children born of your marriage would be Jordanian and automatically muslim and your children belong to your husband. Neither you or your childre can leave Jordan without your husbands permission.

    For the most part Jordan is socially conservative and Jordanian women typically wear hijab (headscarf) and conservative clothes, if you marry a Jordanian you will be expected to wear conservative clothes but not cover your head.

    As for working in Jordan , you are living in cuckoo land.
    Married women are considerably less likely to go to work. Young and educated women, ready to join the labour force, face high levels of unemployment. Gender-related bias prevents women’s economic participation that is, a man will always be given a job before a woman. Only 22% of women work in Jordan

    After saying all of this, I am surprised your Jordanian Mr Wonderful does not want to move to the land of the free and the home of the brave where the streets are paved with gold. Most unusual.
  • mimiamman, I really, really hope you're listening...

  • mimiamman - which part of Jordan will you be moving to? From your name i think perhaps Amman? But you headed this thread with marrying a Bedouin and living in Petra? I know Petra and the area very, very well and would be interested to give you some in depth insights. However, please read carefully the suggestions given to you by Alethia and Terry - they are always the voices of reason.
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