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Spanish Student Visa

Hi everyone! So I'm applying for a student visa in a couple of weeks and have all the information ready to go except one thing. So I have been accepted into a sommelier course that only is 6 hours per week. For the student visa you need 20 hours minimum. Honestly I also am going to need to work a bit to make ends-meet. My idea was to enroll in another course, get my visa, then un-enroll. Does anybody think it would be a major problem?


  • @ RudeBoySteve
    A 6 hour per week sommelier course is not considered to be a student course. A student course in Spain must consist of a minimum 20 hours study per week.

    Normally sommelier courses can be obtained in between 1-7 days not weeks. I reffering to top class institutions. How long is this course supposed to be for ?
    What country are you from ? If I know this I can advise you further.
  • It's a 2-year sommelier course. A very legitamite course. I'm a US citizen. Basically I have 6 hours a week already. I need 14 more and I don't really care what they are. Business could be nice. I also have looked into Catalan classes but I can't seem to find anything that is long-term. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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