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What to do in Oklahoma?

Hi all. I am a young guy, mid twenties and off to the state of Oklahoma to visit family in the next month. I know Oklahoma isn't necessarily at the top of anyone's list of tourist states, but I'll be there for about a week or two and wondered what sites and attractions are worth seeing? I'm not much of a cowboy myself, so am not all that interested in rodeo and the like, which I know is popular there. Any suggestions from folks who have travelled that way before?

Many thanks!


  • Why not take a look at the free Word Travels guide on Oklahoma here?

    Best you head to the capital, Oklahoma City. There is lots to occupy those who enjoy history as well as the arts, and there are also vibrant districts such as the Bricktown Warehouse District that has been converted into a restaurant and nightclub hotspot and is home to a thriving nightlife, which sounds about right for a guy mid twenties like yourself.

    Check out the link, you'll find a number of things that will suit your interest, I have no doubt. Hope that helps you.
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