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How to move around NYC??

edited May 2016 in - USA
Hi guys, Im from Tijuana, Mx, and I'm going to visit NYC for a business trip. My boss has booked me a nyc airport shuttle to pick me up and take me to the hotel "Knights Inn South Hackensack NJ/NYC Area". Is it easy to travel by metro or should I ask for taxi cabs? People have told me that they're not the cheapest and safest option to move around.

Any tip or advice is more than welcome. Thank you so much!


  • @rulesofbio, my experience in New York was that a mixture of the subway and walking worked really well. It is super easy to navigate, thanks to the grid system, and you can cover a lot of ground using Central Park as a thoroughfare. For longer distances the subway is cheap and easy to use. The cabs are expensive and at rush hour the roads are so gridlocked anyway that walking works much better. It is of course a good idea to be picked up from the airport by a shuttle or pre-arranged taxi.
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