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Getting Schengen on less than 90 days left on UK Residence Permit

edited May 2016 in Visa and Passport

I'm Abzik

I'm from Kazakhstan, I hold Tier 4 Visa (with residence permit expiring in beginning of July 2016) currently in UK, I urgently need to travel to Germany for 10 days, through Paris (2 days) and come back to UK, it's May 9th, and My Visa expires on July 1st, can I still apply through VFS in London?

Thank You!!!!


  • @abzik89

    Every Schengen application is at the discretion of the member state in this case Germany.
    You do have sufficient time left on your UK residence permit but as to whether the visa is granted is also down to other criteria such as sufficient funds intention to stay. That is in the hands of the caseworker.
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