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Marriage in Tunisia for citizenship in Germany

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Hello I'm a German citizen and my boyfriend is an Algerian citizen...
We want to get married in Tunisia so that we can live in Germany!
What do we have to do??
Thank u for your help


  • @german.
    You will need an appointment to marry at a “Bureau de l’Etat Civil a la Municipalite” this is the office that performs weddings at the town hall.

    You will both need the following documents

    Your passports

    Birth certificate for you and your fiance issued no more than 21 days before marriage

    If either of you have been married before you will need your documents of divorce

    You will need a document from the German Embassy in Tunis stating you are free to

    Your Algerian fiance will need the same document to show he is free to marry, either from Algeria or from the Algerian Embassy in Tunis.

    All these must be originals and translated into Arabic/French - you can do that in Tunisia more cheaply than in Germany.

    Both of you need blood tests which you can do together at a hospital in Tunisia

    This member @:maria_hamlaoui recently married her Algerian husband in Tunisia send her a private message and ask her advice.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you very much for your help!
    About the birth certificate, i already have mine and so does he.
  • Also I read on another website, that we would have to stay in Tunisia for 20 this correct?
    Thank you
  • @germanbecker820

    You do NOT need to live in Tunisia for 21 days. There is no law in Tunisia that states people must live in Tunisia before marriage.

    If you already have your birth certificates and do not marry in the next 21 days your birth certificates will not be accepted.

  • yeh i just married and my husband from algeria you only need passport,like alethia said what you needs and you will need to get 2 witness also i had to stay and extra few days to complete all papers so stressful but was worth it :) @german good luck if you needs anymore information send me a message
  • Thank you both very much for your help! I hope everything works out...I know it'll all be worth it in the end!
  • whats the certifcate of celiba validity time 3 monthes ?
  • @guerradios
    Hi aren't you married yet? Three months is the validity.
  • hello after my boyfriend and I get married, do I have to go to Germany to sponsor him or can I stay with him in Algeria until we get the papers?
    Thank you
  • @german
    You need to be living and working in Germany when your husband applies for his spouse visa . You must also have a suitable place to live in Germany.

    Under the amended Immigration Act which entered into force on 28 August 2007, foreign spouses have to prove they have at least a basic knowledge of German. Your husband will need to take a basic German language test before he is granted a visa.

    This is not an easy process, you do not have an automatic right to take your husband to Germany and can take some time You need to contact the German Embassy in Algiers for further information

    German Embassy in Algiers, Algeria

    165, chemin Sfindja (ex Laperlier)
    B.P. 664

    TELEPHONE(+213) (21) 74 19 56
    (+213) (21) 74 19 41

    FAX(+213) (21) 74 05 21

    [email protected]

    OFFICE HOURS HEAD OF MISSION Götz Lingenthal, Ambassador
  • @Alethia yeah didint marry yet cause was another process they asked me to do in tunisia and took me almost 1 month making thouse papers and sending them to my gf, so she can get her certficiate of celiba ( prove that she is singel and that paper carryt my name, she recive it 3 days ago! and her ticket is 6 july worried if the paper validity will desspair but in the paper there is no validty date or date of expiry
    thats why i asked
  • Thank u for that information. I have to ask, are you a lawyer?
  • @german
    Yes I am a lawyer based in the UK , EU immigration law is one of my specialities.
  • That's good to know!
    So if I don't have a job is Germany, does that mean I won't be able to sponsor him?
  • I really want this to work out...he is such a good man. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!
  • By the way I have a son from a previous relationship...does that make a difference! I was never married
  • What if we get married in Algiers ? Would it take longer to sponsor him?
  • @germanbecker820
    Where you marry has no affect on the spouse visa application. It is much easier to marry in Tunisia.
    Your previous relationship has nothing to do with this marriage or spouse visa. Your child is a German citizen and the fact you have a child will not affect this application for your fiance to live with you in Germany.

    You must work and live in Germany if you want your husband to join you to live together in Germany. If you dont have a job then you cannot bring your husband to Germany.
  • I live in Canada. My son is a Canadian citizen and I'm a permanent resident.
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    You have been very misleading, the title of this thread is "Marriage in Tunisia for citizenship in Germany" yet you now say you live in Canada. So do you want your Algerian husband to join you in Canada?

    If so please answer the following questions. Are you employed? What is your job and do you live in a house or apartment and is it rented or mortgaged ?

    You will definitely need to be employed and remain in Canada if you sponsor your husband.

    Please be honest or I cannot help you.
  • Oh I'm sorry I wasn't trying to be dishonest...I am a German citizen but I live in Canada!
  • Yes I want him to join me in Canada!
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    As a permanent resident of Canada you can sponsor your Algerian husband but you need to understand the following.

    When you agree to be a sponsor, you must sign a contract called an undertaking with the Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (or with the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion [MIDI] if you live in Québec).

    The undertaking is a promise to provide financial support for your spouse basic requirements and those of his or her dependent children.

    Basic requirements are:

    personal requirements
    household supplies
    This also includes other health care not provided by public health, such as eye and dental care.

    The undertaking ensures that these persons and their family members do not have to apply for social assistance. Its length varies according to their age and their relationship to you.

    Your obligations as a sponsor begin as soon as the person you are sponsoring and, if applicable, his or her family members arrive in Canada. The undertaking also remains in effect even if your financial situation deteriorates.

    In order to sponsor, you must… 18 years of age or older, a Canadian citizen, Registered Indian or permanent resident, sponsoring a member of the family Class, in Canada or provide evidence, if you are a Canadian citizen living outside of 5.Canada, that you will live in Canada once the person you are sponsoring becomes a permanent resident.
    6.sign an agreement with your spouse or common-law partner confirming that each of you understands your obligations and responsibilities,
    7.sign an undertaking promising to provide for your spouse or common-law partner’s basic requirements and, if applicable, those of his or her dependent children.

    Canadian Immigration may refuse an application for the following reasons:

    1.the relationship between you and your family members is not genuine or has been entered into for immigration purposes only. For example, you married or entered into a common-law or conjugal partner relationship primarily to obtain permanent residence in Canada; do not meet the financial requirements, if applicable;
    3.the person you want to sponsor and their family members have not provided the required documents, including proof that they have undergone a medical examination;
    4.the person you wish to sponsor is not a member of the family class;
    5.the person you wish to sponsor or their family members are inadmissible for having a criminal record or a serious illness.
  • Oh boy that definitely makes things more complicated because he does have a record.
    But he has turned his life around...
    So I guess getting married in Tunisia will be our only option!?
  • What do you suggest is the best way to do this?
  • @german
    Of course you can marry in Tunisia but most countries will refuse a spouse visa if the foreign spouse has a criminal record. Canada will not accept someone with a criminal record but I dont think you are taking this seriously.
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    Forget Canada. CBSA, IRCC, etc. isn't going to allow a criminal to immigrate.

    Move to Algeria. Get married. Have a great life.

    All the best to you!

  • Again I apologize to you, I never meant to give you the impression that I'm not being honest!
    We are trying very hard to plan our we would never be dishonest!
    Thank you so much for all your help!!
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