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Beware of SCAMS

edited May 2016 in - Brazil
I to have been scammed out of money from a man who claimed to live in California. Few days later was leaving to work in Brazil as construction worker. Hit me up for 250 for food. Then wanted 500 for bta to get back to states which I DIDN'T send. Talk of love was a every day discussion until I wouldn't send money. Hadn't heard a word for 3 days until I texted him to say he should be ashamed of himself. I hear alot of similar things that he has said to me that others have also experienced. It's a shame that these people pray on those of us who just want to be loved.


  • @melissa68
    Your scam has nothing whatsoever to do with Brazil. The person who scammed you could be from Nigeria or Ghana. The reason I think he is African is because they use BTA in scams. By the way there is no such thing as BTA Basic Travel Allowance.

    As for the surname TWITS , this name is fake and obviously made up , this name if you look in the dictionary means an annoying person or a fool. No self respecting person would have that surname.

    Thankfully you have learnt your lesson, never give money to anyone you have never met or only know on line.
  • His name isn't Mike Twits. He has never been a construction worker. He never lived in California. He has never been to Brazil. He didn't "prey" on anyone, you gladly and wilfully gave money to a non-person who only existed inside your computer.

    I hope you learned your lesson.

    Good luck.

  • I'm in brazil ... if you want me to track this person down for you ... contact me ... the site you met him , his username... I'll get him for you . FREE OF CHARGE
  • onyiking, your offer is nonsense. Yet another scammer...

  • @onyiking
    It seems you joined this forum to make yourself look stupid. The scammer is not in Brazil, he does not exist ! ! Go get a life .
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