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Safest way to rent a villa for my family in Croatia

edited January 2017 in Europe
So this summer i'm planning to rent a villa somewhere in Croatia. I got few suggestions that North coastal part would be a great choice: Istria and Kvarner. The only question should i do it on land or on some island. Islands have alot of advantages but i'm planning to rent a car and check out the surrounding area, and on island your kinda stuck couse of the ferry and a lot of traffic waiting for it. So i was thinking that maybe Istria would be better choice for me. Here i found a local agency that has some good offers. I just need your advice since i never been here. Would Istria be a good choice or maybe i should go thowards Southern part of Croatia thowards Dalamtia? That would make my trip a lot longer but if it is worth it then why not. Any advice would be helpful. Thx


  • For example, if you want to rent a villa, please visit here. This villa is on island Krk. I think you'll like it.
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