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Tourist visa- Tunisia


I am Indian national, residing in canada. Applied for tourist visa for Tunisia.

I wondered that they don't have any tracking details related to visa processing, approximately how many days they take to process visa.

Thank you


  • @mozak
    There is no tracking of visas at the Tunisian embassy, you simply have to wait.
  • It's been more than 5 weeks, it's longer than expected.

    Screwing my other travel plans.

    Waiting is only way? Or can I contact consulate or visa office in tunisia?
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    The visas are issued by the Tunisian Embassy In Canada not by an office in Tunisia.
    You really need to make a formal complaint to the Tunisian Embassy where you submitted the application.
    Indian passport holders do not needa visa when they are on a tour organised by a travel agency.
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    They rejected my visa :neutral:

    @Alethia _ Am Indian citizen living in canada, I believe that they don't process visa here in canada. Am not traveling by travel agency.
    Consulate of Tunisia in Montreal informed me that, they send applications to Tunisia for processing along with passport
    After 6 weeks they inform me that ,then can't issue visa and they don't know reason for rejection.
  • @mozak
    I am, fully aware you are an Indian living in Canada, you wrote it before. However you are not a Canadian citizen.

    All visas in Tunisia are dealt with by the police, To extend your visa, and apply for residence permits (carte seJour) foreigners go to the police station. Foreign workers are few and far between so work permits are rarely given.

    To the best of my knowledge there is no Immigration Department in Tunisia, it does not have a sophisticated immigration system. Your knowledge of Tunisia seems very limited.

    The Tunisian government can refuse a visa or entry to its borders without giving a reason.

  • :neutral:
    Am not looking for residence permits or immigration.

    Just want to go to Tunisia for vacation and do wedding.

    My knowledge about Tunisia is very limited , that's why am here.
  • Mozak - did the family of your fiancee write an invitation letter. Did they state what you were coming for? Have your fiancee contact the Ministry and/or the police and probably the family will have a contact of a contact somewhere who can help
  • @mozak
    We are all fully aware as to why you want to go to Tunisia.

    I know your not looking for a residence permit etc, I was trying to explain how visas are granted in Tunisia and that Tunisia does not have a sophisticated immigration system. Please read more clearly what is written.

    Lesley is correct your fiancee and her family need to start helping you, in Tunisia its about who you know.

    By the way @mozak I am assuming you are a Muslim as if you are not, this may be part of your problem.

    If you cannot get a visa for Tunisia you may have to marry in another country, many couples have to do this.
  • Yes, fiancée dad wrote an b invitation with all stamps from different offices, made more official.

    The purpose they mentioned in that letter, for tourism and visiting family.

    Fiancée dad is police officer, I don't know. Why this happened
  • Alhumdulilah, am muslim that shouldn't be a problem.

    Anyways, no issues, will apply after Ramadan.

    InshaAllah this time as a tourist , with hotel confirmations and flight itinerary.

    One more thing, do they track the visa rejection? Like USA or Canada.

    Have you previously applied or rejected questions?
  • @mozak
    It seems impossible to make you understand that Tunisia does not have an immigration department or system as you would find in Canada, USA or UK. Track a visa rejection are you joking?

    You need to read a little about Tunisia for at the moment many tour operators have cancelled packaged tours to Tunisa since many tourists were killed last year in terrorist attacks.

    The reason I asked if you were a Muslim, is based on the fact that in Tunisian law
    a non-Muslim man who intends to marry a Muslim woman must show a certificate from a Mufti that he has been accepted into the Muslim religion (Interpretation of the Koran Scriptures having legal effect 7 shaoual 1383).

    If you make a future application it may be worthwhile obtaining a certificate to show you are a Muslim, this has to be done as part of your marriage documents any way.

  • Mozak - Alethia is spot on in her advice to you. Please understand there is no logic here! Believe me your fiancee family need to start pushing and if here father is a police officer then he is the one who needs to do the pushing. He can get anyone anything at anytime - wallah!!
  • @Alethia thank you for your advice, yes I have obtained certificate from local imam. I will attach along with the application.

    @Lesley I will talk with fiancée family, yesterday my fiancée mentioned that it's easy to do as tourist visa. Let me see if her dad is ready to do some extra efforts.
  • This is a little different but I know that you can answer this Lesley here is my question Hello I have a question me and my husband are at the last of our paper work and he has already had 2 appointments. One they said they needed his up to date Police records, Birth Certificate, and our marriage license plus translated in English. So we did that and sent it in Email they sent him another appointment and he went then they said we need your wife's affidavit of support her 2015 taxes and your co- spongers Affidavit of support and her 2015. So today he went back and they asked for these 4 papers and his passport and his phone number where he can be reached and they said they will give him a call... So what I am asking if anyone has any idea what this means is it what I am praying it is please let me know soon thanks have a good day. Theresa and Sofien Ghanmi
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    If this is an application for a British spouse visa then you have in my opinion made a complete mess of it. Not to send your marriage certificate, the appendix 2 financial support etc is ridiculous
    ALL paper work and supporting documents must be sent to The Home Office in Sheffield
    Normally people have one interview.

    A tourist visa application for any country requires the most basic documents which you omitted, to be given the chance twice to provide documents is highly unusual

    If this visa is for any other country USA or EU for example you again failed to submit the most basic documents

    I wish you good luck for this visa application you will need it.
  • NOOOOooooo we did all that we sent it all but during the interview they ask for this again but updated do you understand? Its USEmbassy of Tunisia
  • @ThereseaSofien
    For a K3 marriage interview at any US Embassy you need to take with you all original supporting documentation.

    Evidence of financial support is essential. You were given two chances to meet the requirements. This does not happen often. It all seems a bit of a mess,

  • Well before I left America I called the NVC and asked them what I would need and they told me it wasn't any of this so I just assumed we was all set. But the question really is what it means when they take your passport and say they will call you?
  • Oh by the way its a spousal visa
  • @ThereseaSofien

    I am fully aware it is a spouse visa.

    A K3 is a spouse visa for the USA your husband attended a K3 interview. As you dont seem to know what is going on, here is the full explanation of the K3 spousal visa process.

    Whenever a person applies for any kind of visa be it a visit visa, spouse visa, business or student visa they always have to hand in their passport. It is perfectly normal procedure no matter what country they apply to enter.

    Once the K3 interview is complete the U.S. Embassy will process the paperwork, the length of time varies from case to case according to its circumstances. Some cases are delayed because applicants do not follow instructions carefully or supply incomplete information. Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which takes additional time after the visa applicant's interview by a Consular Officer. There is no set time for the US Embassy to call you. You need to patient and wait for the Embassy to contact your husband.

    If the K3 visa is granted it will be put in your husbands passport and the passport returned to your husband with other documents.

  • I know what you are saying. But what I am saying this is his third time he has been there but his first time they have kept his Passport.. I am just hoping and praying for good news just wondering if anyone has herd anyone else having this done before?
  • @TheresaSofien
    I have explained already that it is perfectly normal for an Embassy to take the passport of the person applying for a via.
    Thousands of people have done this before but most people do it the right way and do not require three interviews.
  • Hello again,

    Applying again for Tourist visa, need help to fill out applications form.

    Do I need to Mention, the address of person know, I.e my fiance.

    This time applying, like tourist, booking tickets and hotel reservation not using invitation letter.
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    If you are applying as a tourist then you do not need to show you know any one , because you will show you are staying in a hotel.
    Unless you are part of a tour group I do not believe your application will be successful as you have already been refused once before.

    Lesley advised you on 11 June 2016 "Have your fiancee contact the Ministry and/or the police and probably the family will have a contact of a contact somewhere who can help"
    Obviously you did not follow her advice.

    Good luck you will need it
  • Mozak - I have to agree with Alethia. Unless you have someone intervene your visa will never be granted.
  • Yes, I informed her family, but I was travelling to india, so I never forced them to do it quickly.

    I will ask her father, to look into this.

    What I understood from Alethia previous messages was that, they don't track whether my visa was rejected.

    Now Alethia mentioned visa will be refused, because it was rejected prior.
  • @mozak
    At no time did I say that the Tunisia authorities did not track if visas were rejected. I said that Tunisia does not have an immigration system the same as Canada, USA UK etc.

    You will be submitting your new visa application to the Tunisian Embassy in Canada, the same place you submitted your failed appplication, do you think the Tunisians are idiots and wont have a record of your last application. Use your common sense.

    Stop splitting hairs and ask your fiancees family to help you, its the only way you will be granted a visa.

  • @Alethia : I did informed before and now also to her family

    But seriosly, what will they ask for? WhY visa was rejected?

    Please don't mind ,me asking this question, as am not familiar with these things, what should they ask the interpol or police?
  • Mozak - forget interpol - they don't care. Please listen to me......her father is in the police force and so he has some sway in this matter. If he really wants you to marry his daughter and get her a visa to get out of Tunisia then he will get you your visa.
  • InshaAllah, I willl stress out the same thing to her.

    Thank you @Lesley

    Lesley: are you living in tunis?
  • Mozak - yes I live in Tunis. I know how the system works here believe me it can be difficult to navigate unless you know someone who knows someone.
  • That's the problem, they have to put lot of efforts to get visa , might not be easy task to get it done.

    The are working on it, in case if they fail, then I will apply again as tourist.
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