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Best places to visit - Tunisia


I will be visiting Tunisia, can you suggest some places to visit my wife, as it will be first time together.

Thank you


  • @mozak
    There was no need to make two different questions on basically the same subject.
    Do you realise that while Tunisia is a lovely country at the present time the tourist industry is on its knees due to terrorism.

    A state of emergency has been in place since November 2015. Do you not read the newspapers? 38 tourists were murdered and many others injured in June 2015 as they relaxed on the beach and in their hotels in the lovely resort of Sousse.

    In March 2015 over 20 people were killed and others injured during a terrorist attack on the famous Bardo museum.

    None of the major tour companies and their airlines fly into Tunisia any more.
    I dont understand why you are not aware of this. Check the Canadian government website at the Canadian, US , EU and British governments warn against all but essential travel to Tunisia at this time.

    Tunisia is a delightful country full of culture and heritage but at the moment its not safe
  • Mozak - stats published by the tourist/hotel industry show that we have 90% occupancy during the summer months as strange as it seems! However, there are areas where you can visit and be very safe. There are some beautiful sites in the north consider Cap Serrat, the Cap Bon area. Tunis is heavily guarded and we consider the down town area to be safe. The south is a bit 'iffy', however a combined police/army action was successful in closing down a terrorist cell. One of the most popular areas for tourists to visit is Tataouine in the south but at the moment this is a very heavily guarded area and I don't recommend venturing there.

    I am trying to understand if your wife is Tunisian and you are visiting her of if you and your wife will travel to Tunisia together? Let me know and tell me when you are intending to travel.
  • @Lesley
    All the major UK /Irish tour companies Thomson, Thomas Cook, First Choice cancelled all Tunisian flights and holidays for 2016. TUI the huge tour company based in Germany also cancelled its holiday programme, which affected, France, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Holland. Surely this has had an affect on the tourism in Tunisia , thats a lot of holidaymakers to loose.

    I also could not understand if @mozak was travelling with his wife or going to Tunisia for the first time to see his wife, but how could she be his wife if he has not met her. Curious.
  • Do u live In Tunisia if I may ask? Bc I'm are u are giving advice for every country and I know you can not be in all I'm curious.....My soon to be husband lives in Tunisia and he tells me the part he lives in is very very safe. And he has a friend works in the Embassey..Why would they lie to me..But that is besides the point how do u give advice for every country when you are not present in every country at moment.......And some replies I have seen u and another give to their questions have been very sarcastic and some times I think a little rude ...So why even replie to ppl if this is going to be how you act about it....I have visited a couple pages......
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    This is a travel forum and the resident experts on here are extremely well travelled knowledgeable people. We are not sitting in armchairs tapping away on our laptops for fun. We provide up to date information to assist people and help keep them safe. Especially naive people like yourself.

    Lesley is married to a Tunisian and has lived in Tunisia many years. Because of their jobs and lifestyles the moderators and experts on this forum are resident in several countries and are extremely well informed. We dont all lead sad little lives.

    I for one have no interest in what you think about our replies , your posts so far have been defensive and incredibly ingenuous.
    Go tell your fairy story to the the families of those tourists killed (over 60) and injured in terrorist attacks in Tunisia who believed they were safe
  • Lilly, with all due respect, have you ever travelled outside the US?

  • Here are some places to visit in Tunisia

    1) Tunis Medina
    2) Bardo Museum
    3) The Mountain Oasis
    4) Mediterranean Beaches
  • Ummmm - mountain oasis?? Exactly in which mountain are you talking about
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