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Is Rhode Island an expensive getaway?

Is Rhode Island still a state satisfying only the wealthy? I'm planning a trip to Boston and have a few days (1-3 days) to bide some time, figured beautiful Rhode Island may be something to try as I've never been before. But I'm not a wealthy guy, is it worth the trip? Thanks in advance.


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    You have never been to Rhode Island but have made assumptions that it is only for the wealthy
    You are happily travelling to Boston the capital of the state of Massachusetts which happens to be the 3rd richest state in the USA with an average per capita income of $44692 whereas Rhode Island is the 17th richest state in the USA with an average per capita income of $319692

    15 miles from the centre of Boston is the suburb of Dover Massachusetts which is listed in the top ten richest suburbs in the USA. Boston is stated in the International Business Times and other media outlets as the most expensive tourist city in the USA

    It appears your perceptions of Rhode Island are incorrect
  • Thank you Alethia, you are perhaps right in my making assumptions. I suppose it's just what I've heard about Newport and the yachting culture. But best I do some research! I am staying in Boston visiting family and not as a tourist, so its overall expense and the average per capita income are not very relevant to my stay, but thank you for the input and information. I appreciate your response.
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    Wherever you have a historic harbour and marina such as Newport its often rather pricey, that happens in marinas the world over.
    Whilst not relevant to your holiday, the income statistics demonstrated that Massachusetts had a higher standard of living overall than Rhode Island.
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    Why not take a look at the Word Travels Rhode Island travel guide? In it you will find all sorts of attractions to be found in Rhode Island and you can see which ones best suit your pocket. A lot of attractions are in public spaces, for example Benefit Street, and cost nothing, and some only cost a couple of dollars entrance. So if you are up for some sightseeing, you'll certainly find something to do.
  • Being a traveler I must say I don't think say this is an expensive gateway. Actually, I have visited this Island through a tour . EI have got everything arranged and in a well-established manners. I have no link of this tour ut I remember this was Top bus tour site. I think for exploring this Island you should visit this site.
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    You have dug up an old post to write nonsense. Rhode Island is a state in the USA it is not an island. So I do not believe you have ever been there.
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