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Visa Refusal from Poland

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This discussion was created from comments split from: I WAS DEPORTED FROM KOREA.


  • my rejections are as follows;



    kindly tell me how I can solve my intended stay problem. What will be the strong reason to sataisfy the visa officer. And how we can prepare a better SOP letter.
  • @farwa
    You put your post in the refusals from Korea when it appears you were refused from Poland.
    You do not state your nationality, why or where you were travelling and how long for.
  • dear alethia,
    I belongs to pakistan. And I have applied for bachelor of computer science in poland. Now I have got admission in LATVIA. so, again I have to face the problem for intended stay and SOP. while I Have a stamp on my passport for submitting the documents in poland. Does, it will impact negativily in my next schengen decision for study visa in latvia. Do, I need to inform to embassy for poland refusel. and also tell me how I can properly justify for the intended stay. And what is the solid proof of this.
  • @farwa
    Poland did not believe you were a real student and that you intended to stay illegally.
    Its all very well writing a Statement of Purpose letter (please dont use abbreviations like SOP) not everyone reading your post has been to university.

    You need to provide documentary evidence that you are a bonafide student not just a letter.Until you can provide evidence that you are a capable of undertaking these studies and will leave Latvia you wont be granted a visa.
    Latvia will know you were refused but you can explain why, you need to provide better up to date supporting documents
  • thank you so much, plz tell me what type of documentry evidence should be useed to prove a bonafied student.Yes, I am capable of understanding the the studies.. because i have clear the math and motivational test for bachelor of information technology.And unverity in latvia have issued me a letter that I have successfully passed these test and I am the first priority of the university. I have done job in a registered college as a computer operator. IF i make a letter from the college that I will return back and again join the college. IS this letter will sufficient for the staisfaction of intended stay.
  • @farwa
    What educational qualifications do you have from your home country? Is the language medium English? if so what English language qualification do you have.
    You definately have to show a reason to return home, but very employers keep a job open while you are at college, secondly surely you would have a better job if you have a degree.
  • I have done ICS equivalent to HSSC and IELTS with 5.5 band.Yes, I know that when i will in university the college will open a vacancy. But my degree programme is consist of 4 yaers and will be completed in 2020. They administration of college have siad me that They will prefer me. As europen degree have first priorty in pakistan.

    FInly, am tell me that If college administration will made a surety letter that I will join the college job again after completion of degree in 2020. Will this letter is enough to proof my intended stay.
  • @farwa
    A letter from the college adminstration should be a major help.
    Plus your educational documents, language tests and acceptance from the university in Latvia.
    Who is funding your education?
  • respected MAM,
    I HAVE GOT ADMISSION in LIEPAJA UNIVERSITY IN LATVIA. my father is my sponser. if you dont mind . kindly tell me your email. I will go to uzbekistan in june for my interview . becuase pakistan have no embassy for latvia. kindly pray for my interview success. AND ALSO TELl me any web link for the preparation of interview. If you know.
  • dear mam, I have make a bussiness partnership letter on ishtam paper.This bussiness is related to private college.kindly tell me mam is this letter is sufficient for the proof of me That I will return back in pakistan and join my bussiness. This ishtam paper is registered and notary approved . The owner of the college affidavit that he will give me the 50 % profit during my study in latvia. While our partnership started from 22-2-2016.plz tell me that does my case is strong for study visa approval. as I have got rejected for poland due to intended stay.
  • edited June 2016
    The business partnership made on the Ishtam paper simply records your partnership and your position in the business. Your partners affidavit and the business partnership document are not evidence that you will return to Pakistan after your studies are complete they simply show your an inactive business partner

    For those who do not know what ISHTAM paper is, it is known all over the world as stamped paper.
    Stamped paper has been widely used around the world to collect taxes on documents requiring stamping, such as leases, agreements, affidavits,receipts, court documents and many others.
    The stamped papers are bought blank apart from the pre-printed tax stamp and are available from stationers, lawyers offices, post offices and courts according to local regulations. The parties to the matter then write their legal business on the paper and lodge it with the court or other interested party. This is an efficient way of collecting taxes and stamping documents without the need to submit them to a separate government stamp office.
  • yes mam this bussines partnership is written according to the rules and regualtion and attested from the lawyer which belongs to my home town.Well, I will approved it from the notary public and they stemp the notary public stemp on my partnership, you think that this document is usefull to prove me for returning in pakistan.
  • @farwa
    I just explained that this partnership document is NOT evidence that you will return to Pakistan at the end of your studies.
  • ok mam, u right . but my purpose of making this business partnership letter is to justifing in state of purpose letter that I will return back in pakistan after completing my education and then I will join the business. If this strong ties would not be the solid proof of my returing. Then plz suggest me what is the alternative solution. Because, I am afraid of fisa refusel of poland. I dont want to repeat the previous mistake.
  • dear madam, I have prepared the property documents for returing proof. Is this solid prrof. Or I have to ready documents of paper marriage.
  • I have applied tourist visa for my family last week. I have submitted all documents which asked in checklist. But my visa is refused. The reasons are below. But i dont understand what are resons are explaining. Please let me know what are the documents i want to submit more. Please let me know.

    * The information submited regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intend stay was not reliable.

    *your intention to leave territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.
  • @stevenraj10
    The document checklist is not enough you need to provide evidence of your connections to your home country. letters from schools, from your employer, evidence of your home, title deeds etc
    The information you supplied regarding your holiday was insufficient. Are you staying with friends, family or in a hotel? Did you have an flight itinerary from a travel agent?
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