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Traveling on spouse visa

Hi i just wanted to know weather it would be possible for me and my husband to go to dubai as sson as his uk spouse visa goes through. Weve not really had much time to spend together so wanted to go for a week to dubai before coming here if it doesnt cause any problems....


  • As with almost all Visa questions on this forum it's impossible to answer when you give zero clue about your nationality/passport.

  • @Mazzmi
    Terry is correct .
    Can you please explain "before coming here"
  • Sorry you guys ... I should have been more specific.:) Okay so my husband is currently in pakistan and i am apply for a spouse visa for the uk.

    Thank you @CheersT and @Alethia for getting back to me i really appreciate the quick response:)
  • @Mazzimi
    When the UK spouse visa is granted your husband will be granted a temporary visa that will only be valid for 30 days once you receive it, your husband will need to travel within this period.

    If he receives your temporary 30 day vignette sticker, and can’t travel during the 30 day window, he will need to apply for a replacement.

    There is no reason why you cannot meet in Dubai during the 30 days and travel to the UK together, just dont be late entering the UK.
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