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uk spouse visa documents

edited May 2016 in - Britain and Ireland
HI Alethia ,

I am applying for my spouse visa uk. my husband is a British citizen and i am a residence of Dubai originally from Pakistan. we got married jan 23 rd 2016. in Dubai. my husband is employed and earning 32,000 pounds per ann.

we have so far these documents.
Bank statements original ( last 6 months) from my husband .
pay slips stamped and signed by company.
Employment contract (august 2015) (Don't have any employer letter )
housing report.
BT bill .
tenancy agreement .
marriage certificate (translated from Arabic to English and attested )
my ielts test and GCE school result .
watsapp history ,skype emails and phone bills. (before and after marriage).
air ticket , hotel stays receipt where we stayed after marriage. ( as my husband visited Dubai twice after marriage in four months).
wedding invitation card , wedding photos and photos of us together his recent visit after marriage.

please guide me if i am missing any documents.



  • @tabz9
    You need to refer to Appendix FM-SE ( specified evidence )

    This document provides all the information on the documents you need to support your application. FM-SE is a legal requirement and if you fail to provide any document not mentioned in FM-SE your application will be refused.

    You do not need your GCE test results if you had a degree it would be worth including school exams are not required.

    However you do need an employers letter and the wording of that letter is specified in FM-SE 5c
    (c) A letter from the employer confirming:
    (i) the length of the person’s employment;
    (ii) the gross annual salary and the period over which it has been paid at this level;

    Your husband must also supply his council tax bill.
    I suggest you go through Appendix FM-SE as I do not know all of your husbands employment circumstances.
  • thanks for your prompt reply Alethia .:)

    i forgot to mention we have filled appendix and sponsorship SU/07 form as well.
    council tax bill is under my husbands friends name who rents the same property which is a 3 bedroom house which is why we didn't include it compulsory?

    1)is it ok if we get the employers letter printed as my appointment is on 29th May and we already applied and paid online on 20th May. .i dnt think my husband can courier the original on on time.moreover the Hr will send in email.

    2)lastly , my husbands will be receiving P60 this month on 25th . can i include that or not required. As the 28 days rule ended on 23rd May.
  • edited May 2016
    All documents should be originals and an employers letter is mandatory as I pointed out in my post. Your application can be refused without the employers letter and the wording has to be exactly as stated in FM-SE. A P60 would have been helpful.
    Unfortunately you did not make your application in line with the immigration rules. I wish you luck.
    It appears you also failed to include Appendix 2 Financial Requirement Form.
  • my husband got his p60 today and employers letter dated 24thmay will receive it on Saturday. the date mention on letter for 24th shouldn't be a problem or will it as it doesn't cover the 28th day rule?
    we have already filled the appendix 2 form financial requirement form.
  • @tabz9
    The 28 day rule applies only to bank statements and payslips not employers letter or other documents.
    The appendix 2 form and the SU07 form are supposed to be submitted with the documents and a copy of the completed VAF4A.
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