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UK spouse Visa


I am applying for my wife to join me here in UK. She is Afghani national but applying from Pakistan as Pakistan has facilities which unfortunately Afghanistan don't have.

I just want to know what things do I need from wife to send me here so I can apply for the visa. I think the following are some, if I am wrong or missed some please let me know.

1) A1 IELTS LIFE SKILLS Englash PASS result
2) The Nikah certificate (Both Pashto and English translated?)
3) TB test results
4) Her Passport and Tazkirah (ID card) ?

Please do advise me further.

What I need from my side?
1) My Passport?
2) Wages payslips/bank records/more than £18600 per year
3) Permission to live in a house
4) Companies confirming my employment with them (a letter or contract)
5) Prove of our healthy relationship i.e. Whatsapp text/calls, Skype, Vibre
Anything else????

Thank you

Your help will be much appreciated :)


  • @safeman2050
    You have very little understanding of UK spouse visa and the legal requirements. I suggest you seek legal advice.

    The Home Office legal requirements for a UK spouse visa can be found here

    This is the law and unless you follow these rules to the letter your wife's visa will be refused.
    A letter from your employer must be specifically worded and your monthly salary must be recorded exactly the same on your payslips and on your bank statements.

    Permission to live in a house, who owns this house? You must provide proof of the ownership of the house. Whose name are the utility bills and council tax in? Also a housing report from a local estate agency.

    Your wife can give a certified copy of Tazkirah not the original. You give a copy of your passport not the original, you should show all stamps in and out of Pakistan.

    The documents are handed in to Gerrys VFSGlobal they do not come to you in the UK, you are not applying for the visa your wife is.

    As well as the application form which is completed on line you must submit a SU07 sponsor form and an Appendix 2 financial requirements form with the other documents.

    I am a British immigration lawyer with many years experience.
  • Thank you, thats awsome. Yes I will need to take an oppoitment with a laywer and I will be filing the case through a lawyer from UK.

    Thank you once again
  • @Alethia

    I have just read your post and made an account to personally ask you a question, which I am struggling with. I would like to thank you in advance.

    My fiancé is living in Iran with an Afghan nationality. Being born in Afghanistan, he does not have a 'birth certificate', but does have a 'tazkeerah', which from what I understand is a recognised and mandatory ID card issued in Afghanistan. Would this suffice during the application for UK spousal visa?

    So my first question I guess, is whether a birth certificate is required for the application and then following, whether his Tazkira would suffice?

    I really hope you see this in time. I eagerly await your response(!)

    Rihanna x
  • edited August 28
    Your fiance does not need his birth certificate..He will need a passport.
  • Hello,Alethia,
    Coudl you please kindly clarify,in case of spouse visa application from UAE,what i will see on my visa in terms of validity of entry.How it will be identified on my visa,how soon i have to leave.I can not find any information on GOV.UK about that,except that i have to mention expected date of travel and application can be done maximum 3 months in advance before expected date of travel. How i can know as per the law,how soon i have to leave UAE and entre UK. Thank you!!!!!
  • @pupa
    When your visa is granted your given a 30 day visa to enter the UK. If you fail to enter the visa in those 30 days your visa will be cancelled.
    Once in the UK you go for your biometrics and your residence card is posted to you.

    You dont have to mention the exact date of travel just give a date in about three months time that is how long it takes to process the visa.
  • Will immigration officer concider my expected date of entry,or these 30 days will be given from the moment,when visa is issued ? Thank you in advance!!!!
  • @pupa
    The 30 day entry visa is given when the visa is granted.
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