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Visa Requirement for Caribbean Cruise

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Hello. Planning to take my parents to a Western Caribbean cruise (closed loop) from Miami to Cozumel, Haiti ( Labadee), Grand Cayman and Jamaica and then back to Miami. Both my parents carry a Philippine passport and are Filipino citizens and they have a valid multiple visa to the US. Do they need to secure visas for Mexico, Grand Cayman, Haiti and Jamaica for the cruise? I called my travel agent and they said yes. I also called the cruiseline and they said no need, just a valid passport and the US visa. Please advise. Thanks


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    As Filipino citizens your parents do not need visas for Haiti or Grand Cayman.

    Holders of any valid visa for the United States of America (any nationality) DO NOT require visa to enter Mexico on tourist, business and transit purposes only.

    Cruise Passengers of any nationality do not need visas to enter Jamaica. They must however, have a valid passport and proof that they are eligible to re-enter the United States of America or a country to which they are admissible.

    I do hope that helps

  • Hi Alethia,
    My Aunt & I are planning the eastern caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean for a week, departing Fort Lauderdale 9th Oct - There are 3 ports of call (Bahamas, St. Thomas & St. Maarten).
    I am on a Zimbabwean passport but have been working in Kenya for the past 3 years on a Work permit.
    If I hold a NIV B2 (DS-160) US Visa, does this enable me to be able to go ashore/disembark the ship at all 3 places?
    My Aunt told me (she's in the UK), that I would need an 'Esta' Visa? Is this correct? Does the B2 not suffice?
    Your assistance would be appreciated.
    Many thanks | Rgds
  • @skyla
    You already hold a valid USA visa ( you do not say when it expires) so you do not need another.
    Your aunt is incorrect about the ESTA visa Zimbabwean citizens are not on the ESTA visa
    waiver list
    Have a great cruise
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