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Travelling to Africa, what do I need to know?

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Hello there was hoping someone could offer me some good advice. Thanks. I'm an austrailian guy, looking to go to africa sometime on holiday. I'm thinkiing Botswana or Cape Town. I'm nervous of disease like ebola. What's the verdict on travel to Africa?


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    Terry has provide you with excellent links the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office also offers advice.

    As for ebola, this was confined to West Africa, particularly Liberia , Sierra Leone and Guinea.

    There were no cases in Botswana or South Africa.
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    There is so much more to see than Botswana or Cape Town. Do some research and you will find many, many beautiful sites, cities etc. And remember that Africa is not just the south!!
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    Just to confirm, there is absolutely zero risk of Ebola in Botswana or South Africa. In fact, the only countries in Africa you need to worry about for Ebola are the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The outbreak is largely under control even in those countries, but there are still cases reported occasionally so best to avoid the region.

    I think both Botswana and South Africa (including Cape Town) are wonderful choices for a first-time visitor to the African continent. Check out our free travel guides for South Africa and Botswana to get inspiration. However, I also totally agree with Lesley: Africa is a huge and extremely diverse continent with 54 countries. From a tourism point of view there is so much on offer, so be sure to do some research and chat to people to see what kind of holiday would suit you.

    If you have further questions, or give us more information on what kind of thing you want to do, we can advise you further.
  • Thanks everybody for the advice. I guess I'm after a safari of sorts - I want to experience wildlife. Where is best to go for a chance to experience African wildlife at its best? I'm looking to Southern African countries. I'm also looking to go with a group of friends... Is it best that I find a tour operator or do you think we'll manage ourselves? I realise now that some research beforehand may have answered the questions I asked... Ebola is obviously not a risk in these areas, apologies for my ignorance. Advice is much appreciated.
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    It really depends how much money you want to spend because tour operators can be expensive. You might want to back back pack which is very common throughout Africa. You will meet loads of people and have fun.

    In my opinion I would travel independently and find a safari. There are plenty of safari
    companies in South Africa and Botswana

    You need do lots of research but it will be well worth it.
  • Hi all. I'm heading to Sierra Leone on business in the next couple of weeks, reluctantly I must add. I'm very nervous about ebola, as I know it was at the heart of the 2014 outbreak. Is there anything I should be aware of? Is there legitimate reason for my concern? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
  • @bobcat
    Check out the World Health Organisation website (WHO)
    and the FCO website.

    There are other illnesses in Sierra Leone not just Ebola so take all precautions.
  • @bobcat -

    Sierra Leone is one of three countries that, yes, was at the heart of the Ebola outbreak in previous years, but the WHO have officially declared Sierra Leone Ebola-transmission free on 17 March 2016. The FCO no longer advise against all but essential travel to Sierra Leone. You should, however, not be naive and familiarise yourself with the symptoms, as a precautionary.

    If you are concerned when there that you might have been exposed to Ebola, seek immediate medical attention/advice. You have not said how long you are going to be there for, but just be careful and you should be fine. I have no doubt your employer will brief you and give you the necessary support in this regard.

    Like Alethia said, do your research - there are illnesses apart from ebola in the country, so make sure you have had all the necessary vaccines.

    Good Luck!
  • Traveling in Africa has its challenges different from other
    parts of the world. Botswana is easy to travel. Take precautions for
    Malaria. South Africa is African Travel 101...Nothing to it

    My suggestions for Africa are; Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique,
    Rwanda, Seychelles. ..
  • 1. Africa can be very cold indeed
    2. Alongside desert, there are mountains and rainforests
    3. Hippos are the big killers
    4. You won't need every shot in the book
    5. French is useful -- African French even better
    6. You don't need countless visas ...
    7. But your car will need papers

    You can read the explanations for each here:
  • Hello! Not all places in Africa are dangerous because of diseases or crime. The crime rate in Tanzania is one of the lowest in East Africa. You can visit Tansania. Very interesting country!
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