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British National Marrying a Turk in Turkey

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Hi, please could someone offer some advice. I am getting married to a Turkish National in Turkey in September in Kalkan. I have spoken to a UK Notary and he asked if I would need my decree absolute certificate Apostille stamped/authenticated? Also could anyone confirm if the 300 day waiting period after divorce applies to a forgein national as I officially got divorced in April 2016 so it will only be 150 days when we marry. I keep reading conflicting advice on this.


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    The 300 day rule does not apply to foreign nationals.

    To show your single status you will need to complete a Affidavit/Affirmation of Marital Status and have it notarised by a UK notary and legalised by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

    The full procedure is to be found here:-

    Kalkan is a beautiful place , I wish you all the best for your wedding.
  • @Alethia Thank you, I was hoping that was the case with the 300 day rule. I also wasn't sure about was aswell as my affidavit do I need my divorce court order/decree legalised or is the red court seal/stamp sufficient. Many thanks
  • @Vick001
    The legalised affidavit is sufficient you do not need the decree absolute legalised.

    When your passport , decree absolute and affidavit have been translated by the notary in Turkey you take the documents to the Governors office in Antalya where they are legalised by the Turkish authorities, before presenting them at the marriage office in Kalkan

  • Thank you Alethia
  • I would also ad that the it's the Governors Office close to the Akdeniz University not the one in the centre of Antalya. It's in the same complex as the GÖC office (Foreigners Department). Do make sure that everything on your documents matches exactly. One of the dots on one of my 'i's wasn't clear and it was queried!
    Here's the address of the office.
    Bayındır Mah. Gazi Bulvarı Valilik Ek Hizmet Binası Yerleşkesi No:2 Muratpaşa / ANTALYA
  • Hi vicki001, I'm in a very similar position to yours. I was wondering how you got on. We're you able to marry within the 300 days?
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    The 300 day rule does not apply to foreign women only to Turkish women

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