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Planing to visit Poland in next month I'll arrive to Cracow airport.

Hello as you can see in title I'm planing to visit Poland soon and I need as many tips and advice as you can give me.
Especialy regarding transport from airport to the Cracow maybe hotel in Cracow some restaurants and also I heard that I should visit Auschwitz so soem tips about it will be welcome too.
Thanks for your help guys :)


  • Hi @Frankie85,
    For starters, check out this free Poland Travel guide, which includes a guide to Krakow and advice about transport and the airport.
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    You should definitely visit Auschwitz - you can hire a car to take you there and wait for you and organise a guide to show you around. It is worth the expense as you will be educated and you will understand all that you will see.

    Cracow is the most beautiful city in Poland and I can highly recommend the France hotel. Very old, beautifully looked after and in the centre of the city.

    Cracow survived the bombings during the war and is intact so the architecure is incredible.

    There is also a very famous restaurant which serves only Pierogi which are the pastry crescents filled with either savoury or sweet and fried. Order the menu it's worth it but I'm afraid I can't remember the name. Just ask and everyone will know where to send you. There are also loads of coffee shops serving great cakes and snacks.

    I hope you will enjoy your trip
  • Hey thanks for sugestions, I will centerliy look out for this travel guide. Regarding your respond Lesley you couldn't be more helpful that was what I meant. I will look for Auschwitz trips in google than and as soon as I will find something I will come back to you guys :)
  • Hello Frankie!

    Auschwitz is outside the city so I would suggest taking an organized trip from one of companies. I personally recommend as they had a great quality cars and a friendly tour leader.

    If its about restaurants, you must visit Jewish Quarter. There are lots of ones and if you like e.g ribs. You MUST check "Rzeźnia". This is magic...
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