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Low cost Sweden - Is that possible?

Hey all,

Has anyone from here been to Sweden? And more importantly was there anyone on a budget?

I want to organize a trip to Sweden, and I don't really care for the big cities or huge touristic centers. What I want to see is the everyday life of the people, the atmosphere of the countryside and stuff like that.

One of the possibilities I'm thinking about is organizing a road trip. An other possibility would be to take the Inlandsbanan , which is kind of the Siberian Express of Sweden. Is here anyone who tried any of these?

And what I really would like, if I somehow manage to find a way to organize this trip on an acceptable budget is to meet one of the last individual crispbread bakers of Sweden . He is not a celebrity or anything, but some days ago I read an article about him (and some other nice people), and was like: instead of telling someone, that Yo dude, I was in Sweden and saw Stockholm, it would be much nicer to say Hey, I just traveled to Sweden to meet the last individual crispbread baker.

So, if you have any experience with Sweden, please don't hesitate to share it with me!


  • When are you planning on travelling to Sweden? It is not a cheap destination but if you are going in the warmer months you may well be able to camp (especially seeing as you want to explore outside of the cities). There are many campsites. Maybe you'll get some ideas here, from the official tourism website for Sweden.
  • Thanks for you reply, Ella! :)

    I would like to travel to Sweden during the second half of August. I can't really move the date (or at least I can't make it June or July), so I have to hope, that weather will be still ok in August. Yesterday I've read some article about the Right of Public Access in Sweden and in Scandinavia in general, so camping became a very real possibility for this trip.

    With accommodation costs (mostly) out of the way, and with food from grocery stores, this trip may get in the acceptable budget range. :)
  • Hey, thanks for your feedback!

    Right now my plan looks like this:

    I will get to Stocholm by plane, and from there I will take the train to Dalarana province. There I want to take a tour around the lake Siljan, and while there I also want to visit a bear park, take a cruise on the lake, look for some of the people from the article I mentioned in the thread starting post, check out the Grannas Dalahäst (Dalahorse) fabric, and I want in general to keep my eyes open for the beauty of the landscape (maybe also taking advantage of some more stuff this guide recommends:

    If I will have some more time after this (I want to stay there 2 weeks), then I will do some trekking and camping. So yesterday I started the hunt for the proper equipment and for some bargains. If you have any suggestions on this, don't hesitate to share them! ;)
  • I just found out, that it will be better for me to fly to Malmö and not to Stockholm. It is true that the train from Malmö to Mora costs 4x as much as the train from Stocholm to Mora, but the plane tickets are much much cheaper. If I’m not mistaken, this way the whole plane+train and train+plane journey will cost me around $500. Crazy things!
  • Thanks for that useful information @companyofhouseelves. Please let us know how your trip goes - I hope you have an awesome time!
  • I hope so as well! I will definitely keep you up to date :)
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    Just another quick question!

    What chances do I have to get a proper vegetarian meal from time to time in Sweden?

    I'm vegetarian, but eat fish from time to time as well (mostly while visiting places where it is hard to get a proper vegetarian meal ).

    Some years ago I was in Spain, and - the trip was great, but - it was a pain to find any restaurants with vegetarian dishes. That was when I started eating fish, to be able to get enough nutrients. Back then I said, that I won't ever again go on a trip without knowing what I will able to eat. I know that Sweden has a lot of fish related dishes, I even want to try one or two (like the local Fish&Chips), but I don't want to make fish the basic ingredient for my meals.
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    A recent survey showed that 10% of the population are vegan or vegetarian. For a quick comparison vegetarians and vegans in Germany are 9%, Italy 10%, USA 3.2%, Denmark 1.5%, Norway 2%. So, it should not be difficult for you to find vegetarian food or “vegetariska mat

    Almost every restaurant, and even the tiniest sandwich shop clearly mark on their menus all the items suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    The Happy Cow website has listed with addtress and contact details all Vegetarian friendly restaurants (315) in Sweden.

  • Thank you very much for your comment! This Happy Cow website could save ma lot from a lot of walking around.
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