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Documents needed for marriage in Tunisia

So many ask - so rather than keep repeating myself here is the information you all need:

Firstly - there is no such thing as a religious marraige service here. The marriage is a contract between both parties and can be performed by a notaire in the home/salle de fete etc or you can choose to sign the contract at the municipality who will assist. The party can take place the same day or on another day. If you want the whole Tunisian marriage then you can bank on 3 or 4 days. Parties for the man and woman, henna night, signing of the marriage contract and a party. This can cost as little or as much as your bank account holds. You can hire wedding gowns etc and you can have a simple party or go the whole hog by hiring a salle de fete (special hall for celebrations), band etc etc.

1. Marriage for a foreign woman to a Tunisian man in Tunisia
Certificate of no impediment - a document showing your single status and ability to enter into marriage
If you have been divorced - original marriage certificate, original document of divorce
Birth certificate no older than 21 days previous to marriage date
If you hold dual nationality with another country then you must have your certificate of citizenship of your chosen country of citizenship

All these documents must be originals and must be translated into Arabic/French - this can be done quickly and cheaply in Tunisia. They need to be certified and this can be done by the translator.

2. Marriage for a foreign man to a Tunisian woman in Tunisia
You should have the above documents plus you should have proof that you are a Muslim. Marriage between a
Tunisian Muslim woman a non- Muslim man is illegal in Tunisia. You can obtain this document from your Iman or
from an Islamic authority

3. Both of you will need blood tests prior to marriage. These can be ordered by a doctor and you will have the results the same day. The doctor will need to approve and certify the results of these blood tests.

I ask you to please post all your questions on this thread if you need clarification or further information.


  • Great summary, Lesley.

    I have a feeling this thread will be linked to lots... ;-)

  • @Lesley
    Great information, that will be a big help. ;-)
  • Hi
    Im am tunisian Muslim lady and my fiance is lebanese non-Muslim(druze)
    how can we marry and our marriage will be valid in tunisia.
  • EnasRami - you know that marriage to a non Muslim is illegal in Tunisia and therefore Tunisia will not recognise your marriage. You will not be able to have it registered and you can not have it noted on your certificate de naissance.
  • Once married can i ask what the requirements are for the paperwork . I.e the wedding certificate . Could someone please clarify the process for an English woman marrying a tunisia man. I have heard that you need to take the paperwork to th is to get it stamped and then to the UK ??
  • *to Tunis
  • kimmo - where are you getting married?
  • Tunisia sousse in the hood outside my partner's home
  • kimmo - I have never heard that you need the contract taken to Tunis to get it stamped. The UK recognises foreign marriages held outside of the UK as long as it is legal in the country in which it is performed. Alethia should correct me if I am wrong but there is no mechanism for you to register the marriage in the UK. You can lodge it with the Registry of births/deaths/marriages but it is not registered and you pay for nothing really. All you need to ensure is that the contract is translated and then certified and you can do that at the British Embassy here in Tunis.
  • Hi, I have read just about all the posts regarding marriage to a Tunisian national. Why is it so difficult just to get them to be able to visit another country, there is so much red-tape it is ridiculous, no wonder most foreign women prefer to marry their men in Tunisia, it seems to take away most of the hassle. As a South African, I have no better recourse than to marry in Tunisia....... as my embassy has sooooo many ridiculous rules and regulations. However I would still like to ask a question! I gather the paperwork is the same regardless of the woman's nationality or country of origin? Is it easier for a Muslim non Tunisian to marry a Tunisian?
  • @ulwldlk2knw - it is difficult to get a Tunisian a visitor visa because most countries know that the Tunisian will overstay or become illegal! Yes, lots of foreign women marry in Tunisia. You still need all the same paperwork as anyone else regardless of your nationality. It is easy for any foreign woman to marry a Tunisian whether she is muslim or not.
  • Dear @Lasley me and my boyfriend are an international couple. I'm a resident of Kazakhstan and he is from Libya. We are planning to get married in Tunisia this Summer. I would like to ask you:
    - is it possible for us to get married in there? (there's no Kazakhstan Embassy in there)
    - If yes, in which city preferable?
    - what documents are needed from both of us?
    - will the certificate be an international?
    - we are planning to move to middle east after that, will this certificate be valuable there?

    Thank you in advance!
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