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UK Visa application query

edited June 2016 in Visa and Passport
Hello, we are pakistan nationals. My husband applied for uk visa ILR, do they take bio before? Documents submission?


  • @7575
    The procedure when applying for ILR in the UK are as follows.

    1. You can complete the application form on line and then submit the documents by post
    2. You can complete a written application form and submit with all documentary by post

    Only when the application form and documents have been received by the Home Office will you receive the bar code letter to enable you to go for biometric testing.
    It is not possible to have biometrics done without the Home Office letter.

    If you attend the one day premium service your biometrics will be done on the same day.

    When and how did your husband make his application ? Was he on a Points Based System visa?
  • Thank you. My husband submitted application on 31 March 2016. It was by post. & I guess it's point based.
  • Now 3 month is going on but no response of visa :(
  • Is it possible If I apply for uk visit visa to go there ? As I'm in UAE on visit visa I'm here.
  • @7575
    If your husband had been working legally in the UK as the holder of a Tier 1 or Tier 2 PBS
    (Points Based System) after five years he may have the opportunity to apply for ILR.
    I assume you were in the UK on a dependents visa.

    It appears your husband took no legal advice and has tried to prepare and lodge this ILR applicatiion on his own, he therefore has little or no understanding of the visa process, which can take approximately six months or longer to be processed by UKVI.
    I am sure I answered this question when you first joined the forum.

    There is also no absolute certainty that ILR will be granted and then an administrative review maybe carried out.

    In my opinion you will not be granted a visitor visa at this time as your husband is uanable to sponsor you as his passport etc is in the Home Office.
  • I am from sri husband is british citizen.we got child.we applied our daughter oveaseas british passport month ago.and now i am going to apply for spouse settlement husband got 2 jobs.fisrt job was full time.first job he was earing 1250 pound per month and secound job part time job.secound job he was earning around 600 pounds per month since November to april.then he left full time job end of march and then he start the secound job full time.and he earng 20k per annum. Can we apply uk spouse visa??please reply me soon.
  • @You cannot apply for the spouse visa until your husband was earning £18600 for six months before you apply.
    £1250 plus £600 does not meet the £18600 critera but now your husbands earning more than 20K per annum you can apply soon. Good luck.
  • hi,
    my husband did 2 jobs since november to april.first job 1250 pounds and 2nd job 600 pounds total 1850 pounds per month(
    before tex and NIC). he was earning 22.2 k per annum.he stoped first job because he got 2nd job full time.and nw he earns 20k per annum.but nw i afraid to apply uk spouse visa.because my husband stoped his previous job (first job) since november to april.if submit
    all the payslips (include my husbands previous job payslips)is it possible to get spouse visa? nw my husband has two payslips from his new job.shall i wait until my husband gets 6 month payslip from new job??
  • @mahir.
    For your peace of mind rely on the new job with the salary of £20K per annum, then there can be no misunderstanding as to what was earned. Better to be safe than sorry.
    You only have four months to wait until you have six payslips. The full monthly salary must be paid into your husbands bank account so six months pay slips must coincide with six months bank statements
    All the best
  • Helo..Is It Compulsory To Have ECNR STAMP For Indian Passport For UK SPOUSE VISA or ECR will do??Is it necessary to endorse my Spouse Name before applying my UK Spouse Visa??
  • @Bushra22
    For Indian passports issued on or after January 2007 no notation in the passport means ECNR ( Emigration Check is NOT Required) If ECR is writtren in your passport then an Emigration Check is required. So the first thing you must do is check youir passport. If your passport is recently issued I doubt very much if there is anything written in your passport.

    A UK visa has nothing whatsoever to with this Indian piece of law.
    What do you mean "endorse" your spouse name ?
  • My ppt has been issued in 2011 and its ECR..its necessary for me to change my Ppt??Endorse means is it compulsory to change my maiden name ppt to my husbands name??
  • @Bushra22
    It is not compulsory to change to your husbands name
    I am really surprised your passport has ECR
    A UK visa is enough for you to travel on as ECR is only relevant to these countries.

    You can get ECNR stamped on your passport before leaving if you want The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India criteria for granting ECNR status is for you to submit your passport along with the attested copy of your educational certificates (matriculation or above) and you will get back your passport with ECNR
  • Thnkz alot....
  • Is P60 and Tax Returns both Required for uk spouse visa??Also P60 and Tax returns Papers is same or different??
  • @ Bushra22
    You cannot have both. P60 is for employed people tax returns are for self employed people. Is your husband employed or self employed?

    Here is the FM-SE link.

    FM - SE means Family Specified Evidence. This guidance tells you exactly the evidence you must provide for a spouse visa. If you do not follow this guidance you are highly likely to be refused a visa.
  • He is an employee does he required P60 is it compulsory??Under which category we should appy A or B that makes me baffled what these categories are about??
  • @Bushra22
    A P60 is not compulsory. I cannot asdvise you in which category you should apply as I am totally unaware of your husbands employment or earnings capacity.
  • Thnkzz....So in none of the categories P60 isn't compulsory..He is earning £19000 a year....
  • edited June 2016
    I have given you the immigration rules and guidance in FM-SE please read them and see for yourself. The P60 is not a mandatory requirement but if your husband is employed on the salary you claim he should have a P60 , it is a legal requirement in the UK for a company to give its employees a P60 on or after April each year. A P60 will also support the contents of the employers letter.
    The spouse visa is a minefield and your husband should have taken legal advice in the UK rather than you and he doing it on your own.
  • Thnkzz yes he will surely take legal advice from uk.
  • hi I have uk spouse visa for 33 months.
    1.what is the procedure for extention after 33 months??
    2.How many months before I can apply?? long the procedure takes????
    4.main and important thing its the same procedure what we did to get visa for first time??5.Still my husband still has to show £18600 + child if any per year??
    6.We have overheard that now my income and his income together we can show £18600 & not only my husband's??
    7.Do I have to give Life Skills Test again here in uk??Is this the same one what I have given in India??
  • @Bushra22
    1. the procedure for extension is that you must complete application form FLR(M) and provide evidence of your cohabitation with your spouse over the the 30 months prior to the application these include the following:-
    Six items of correspondence addressed to you and your partner at the same address as
    evidence if they are not jpointly addressed then six items each
    Letters or other documents from government departments or agencies, for example HM
    Revenue and Customs, Department for Work and Pensions, DVLA, TV Licensing.
    • Letters or other documents from your GP, a hospital or other local health service about
    medical treatments, appointments, home visits or other medical matters
    • Letters from insurance companies or credit card companies
    • Building society savings books/letters
    • Council tax bills or statements
    • Electricity and/or gas bills or statements
    • Water rates bills or statements
    • Mortgage statements/agreement
    • Tenancy agreement(s)
    • Telephone bills or statements
    Bank statements for both of your for the 30 months.

    2. You cannot apply until 28 days before your visa expires. You can apply by post before the visa expires (send registered post and retain proof of posting) or apply for the one day premium service within the 28 days before your visa expires

    3. Up to 3 months by post , but under section 3C of the Immigration Act 1971 you remain lawfully in the UK while your visa is being processed.
    one day at the premium service but this costs extra.

    4. You must show you earn £18600 per annum. You do not need extra funds for a British child

    5. You are correct you can combine your income to total £18600 before tax

    6. You need to take the Life Skills Test at Level A2 before you apply for the extension.

    By the way your visa is for two periods of 30 months totalling 60 months (5 years) not 33 months
    I hope this helps you
  • My validity is from Feb 16- nov 2019.Can you ppzz explain Bank statement for both for 30months.What if dont have bank account n lesser than 30months
  • @Bushra22
    You need to provide as many bank statements as you can for that period, it does not have to be for the full 30 months. I have no idea why you have been given 33 months as the marriage settlement visa is for a total of 5 years .
  • Thankzz.Yes its written on my BRP and its in vignette too from Feb 17- Nov 19.
    1.Atleast we need show bank statements for 6 months.??
    2.Life Skills Test at Level A2.Apparently almost is as similar as what I have given in India.
  • @Bushra22
    You need to show more than six months bank statements.
    A2 is the level above A1which is the test you took in Indisa
    Dont forget you also need to pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge another £600 approx
  • Hi ya I have got 33 months spouse visa as stated above it expires in Nov 2019.I want to visit India this year probably from May-July for 2 months.Can ypu please clarify below points.
    1.Can I visit India this year as it will be only 15 months in May?
    2.Is there any restrictions to stay away from uk?
    3.How long I can be away for max how many days?
    4.I have overheard that during the time of extention of my visas I need to give proof and reason for being away from uk for 2 months?
  • @Bushra22
    You need to show that you have lived in the UK for for the full 30 months. The reason you are given 33 months is for you to travel to the UK and take short holidays.
    If you spend 2 months in India you will not be able to complete the 30 months required to apply for the extension of the visa.
    Its as simple as that.
    You are supposed to be residing in the UK not in India.
  • Thanks for your prompt reply as ever I am residing in UK only with my hubby and not in India its a family visit for 2 months.If I spend 2 months I will be having 31 months in my hands and that's more than 30 months.So what do you suggest I am not allowed to go for 2 months though I have got Multiple visas.
  • @Bushra22
    You have to spend 30 months in the UK ,but after 15 months you intend to spend 2 months in India then what happens in the other 15 months if you want to go on a holiday?

    Immigration Directorate Instruction Family Migration:Appendix FM Section 1.0a
    Family Life (as a Partner or Parent):5-Year Routes
    October 2017 States:_

    In applications for further limited leave to remain or for indefinite leave to remain in the
    UK, where there have been limited periods of time spent outside the UK, this must be for good reasons and the reasons must be consistent with the intention to live together permanently in the UK. Good reasons could include time spent in connection with the applicant’s or their partner’s employment, holidays, training or study.

    The extra 3 months is not for your personal holidays
  • Hi Do I have to give Life in UK test As well along with English Language Test A2 Level IELTS (Listening & Speaking) in uk for ILR Visa. Thanks
  • @Bushra
    You are required to have English Language Level B1 for Indefinite Leave to Remain.
    A2 is the language level required when you apply for Further Leave to Remain when your 30 months are complete.
    For ILR you are required to complete the Life in the UK test.
    Level B1 and the Life in the UK test are mandatory, you will not be granted ILR if you dont do both of these tests
  • Yeah I mean further leave to remain when my 33 months are completed as right now I have got my firet time spouse Visa stamped on for so only A2.
  • @Bushra
    I am not sure what you are asking. You cannot apply for ILR until you have completed 5 years/60 months.
    Entry level language is A1
    Further leave is A2
    ILR level B1 and Life in the UK test
  • Sorry to make u confused yes I am asking about FLRM Further Leave after 33 months....
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