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Specific Itinerary Questions for August LA trip

Traveling to LA August 23rd and have a few specific questions. I will include my itinerary below and welcome any general comments and recommendations as well.

Travel Overview- traveling with my 14 year old nephew who loves fashion, sneakers, music, people watching etc.

Itinerary (questions below Itinerary)

Day 1- Arrive in a.m. Staying in Echo Park. Check out the Hollywood area (Chinese Theater, walk of fame) and the Grove.

Day 2- Warner Bros tour, mural art (graffiti) art tour, Fightclub and RIF shoe stores

Day 3- Concert in Irvine- stay overnight there for two nights, near airport there.

Day 4- Visit Newport Beach, shopping, whale watching.

Day 5, 6, 7- Stay in Santa Monica/Venice Beach area. Visit the beaches and boardwalks. Visit Malibu. Check out Rodeo Drive. Maybe do a UCLA college tour.

Day 8 - Return out of LAX in a.m.


#1-- We plan to fly in on the morning of the 23rd. Should we fly Burbank or LAX. The flights to Burbank are more expensive and not the ideal take off time (leaving @ 6am arriving @ 9:30) but if it saves us significant time and stress it is worth it to me. If we fly into LAX we leave slightly later in the morning and arrive around 10:30 am. For the return we plan to fly out of LAX.

#2- Any shopping recommendations for a 14 year old who loves fashion and shoes?

#3- We have a reservation at Travelodge in SM and also one at the Hilton in Del Ray- haven't decided which one we will use and may continue to look for options. Any familiarity with the Travelodge? Our budget is around $250 per night for that leg of the trip and we have limited options at this point. Open to ideas and feedback.

#4- Graffiti/mural art tour- any recommendations on a company?

Thank you, Melissa


  • @echoluna24
    I do not think you have taken into consideration the distance and amount of travelling between locations or how tired you may be upon arrival.

    In my opinion tht Graffiti art tour could become boring for a 14 year old , its a walking tour over a two mile area and dont forget its hot. Warner brothers, graffiti tour and shoe shopping for example is really pushing it for one day, what happens if you want to stay a little longer at Warner Brothers?

    Warners Brothers basic tour is a minimum 3 hours and I see you have opted not to go to Universal Studios which I love as an adult and would be fantastic for a teenager.

    As for shoe shopping try the Designer Shoe Warehouse in Hollywood discounted brand name shoes.
    There are other outlet stores, where you can buy brand name shoes at discount prices.

    Burbank Airport is around 20 minutes from Echo Park and LAX around 30 minutes not much in it really depends on the price of the flights.

    Have a great holiday. !

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