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Advice for CNI forms UK

edited June 2016 in - Tunisia
I have my CNI appointment tomorrow in England my husband is Tunisian . They require his address and the address where we are marrying . Do u put this in Arabic or try and translate it ? Also do I give his middle name as it is on his id but not his birth certificate


  • I also have a similar problem in reverse my middle name Is on not ob my passport but is on my birth certificate
  • *not on my passport
  • edited June 2016
    You simply say his name as it appears on his ID card , give his home address and the place you are marrying if you do not know the full address you just give the name of the town e.g. Sousse.
    As a British citizen your name on your birth certificate should be the same as the name on your passport. Normally the name on youir passport is the document accepted for ID puposes at the register office.

    Are you joking that you think a British registrar will fill out a document in Arabic?
    You give your fiances name in English, exactly the name on the ID card but in English.
  • Yes I thought so . But he is having some difficulty translating his address from arabic. It doesn't look right to me .
  • And no my passport didnt include my middle name
  • He has translated it as Ahmed reggae sousse ??
  • @kimmo
    Do his parents or the people he lives with not have utility bills with the address on?
    Also if he lives in Sousse he could have gone to Jabaji area where the translators are and for a few dinar they would have helped him
    There is no such place in Sousse called Ahmed Reggae ,where he lives should have a house number street and town like the UK.
  • Yes he Google translated it from a bill.
    I have told him to go to a translator tomorrow morning. Thanks
  • he says he thinks that Ahmed reggae is the name of the street
  • @kimmo
    In Tunisia the streets have French style names such as, Rue El Fourat or Avenue Taleb Mehiri or Boulevard 7 Novembre and finally Route de la Corniche.

    What word is "reggae" its Tunisia not Jamaica :smiley:
  • Hahaha yes thats what I said..... what did Bob Marley live there. ...Hope I get it sorted tomorrow.
  • Just so you know - only the big cities have French street names but outside of the city centre we don't really have street names - in the more modern housing areas we have lot numbers (sometimes). I don't have a street address but I have a suburb and that is what is noted on my ID card. It may not give his 'english style' address on his ID card but it should suffice to give the name of the suburb eg - Hammam Lif, Sousse.
  • Thank you cos we were looking at it last night and his address seems really vague
    I am.concerned that what they put in CNI in England will then be translated back incorrectly in Tunis when I give the embassy the CNI
  • It says something like
    neighbourhood approach
    rural approach
    Then a number 05 then a number 703
    So confusing
  • @kimmo
    Lesleys right outside they have the rural numbers but as your fiance lives in Sousse they normally have street names. I would not worry about the translation when it comes back to Tunisia they will ptobably just copy his ID card :smiley:
  • CNI sorted yey :) Thanks for all the help.
    Just a question with the birth cerificate that I obtain 21 days before the wedding.
    Does it need to be legalised with an FCO stamp ?
  • Also I have been offered a job with a salary of £18,000 and a bonus scheme of £100 a month.
    If I got this bonus every month for 6 months it would actually take my salary up to £18,600
    I know it's a bit of a long shot but would they accept this for the visa application.
    I have been assured that the bonus is very easy to achieve I.e attendance and performing well.
  • @kimmo
    Your birth certificate does not need to be legalised by the FCO
    I thought you had a job for £23,000 ?
  • I do it starts in July but is only a 9 month maternity cover contract . So I am still looking at other permanent job offers . And was offered this one today
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    @ kimmo
    Like everything with the immigration rules its not straight forward.there is a calculation.

    The total amount of gross overtime paid/bonus in the six months prior to the date of application must be calculated. After this, you calculate an average monthly payment by dividing the total amount then divideding it by six. An annualised sum is calculated from this.
    So if your basic is £18000

    For Example to calculate the bonus.

    Month 1 no bonus
    Month2 £100
    Month 3 £100
    Month 4 £100
    Month 5 £100
    Month 6 £100
    Total £500 divide by 6 = £83.33 x 12 = £999.96

    £18,000 + £999.96 =£18,999.96 per annum

    You would need to earn the bonus every month for at least 4 months to be well over the £18600.
    I hope I have explained that clearly.

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