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Netherlands Tourist Visa Refusal - Minor case

Dear all,

My brother has received a refusal letter from Netherlands Embassy for a Short Stay Schengen Visa. He is of Vietnamese nationality, 17 years old and is currently a high school student. I am a Resident in France (for 3 years now) and we planned to travel together during his summer holiday. We wanted to stay the longest in Netherlands, therefore, we chose to apply with a 15-day itinerary to the Netherlands embassy in Kuala Lumpur (through Hanoi VFS)

Besides the standard documents, we also submitted:
- Travel planning + hotel and flights (reserved but not paid)
- My mother's letter of financial sponsorship for him (with all related financial proof under her name - savings account, land registration, car registration, etc. Please note that my mom has received a 90-day visa to France previously with these documents)
- Letter from his school detailing that he's currently a student in summer holiday and will come back to study in August 2016 (from the school's headmaster with official stamp)
- Letter stamped by authorities that my parents allow him to travel alone to Europe, and that he will be under my responsibility for his whole stay in Europe
- Letter from me supporting his visa application

He got refused on two grounds, detailed in the letter: number 3 and 9.

The explanation is, of course, very vague as usual. However, according to my understanding, the Dutch said that 1) they don't believe that he process the sufficient financial means FREELY AND INDEPENDENTLY to travel and 2) he does not show sufficient SOCIAL AND/OR ECONOMIC TIES to his home country and also does not show a regular income

We read it as 1) All of the financial documents are under my mother's name and even though she has written a letter to allow him to use this money, the money is not FREELY under his control => Therefore, it would have been better if we change the name of the savings account and the VISA account into his name.

2) He does not have a strong economic ties: no property, no car/valuable things, etc. and social ties: no marriage, at school age, no job, no wages, etc.
=> For this, I don't know how to fix it. He's a minor, under 18 years old so naturally he does not have all of these. There is a letter from school but it seems that it is not adequate for the embassy.

All in all, I understand that for a Vietnamese passport, this is nearly an impossible case to get through. However, I hope that someone with expertise on the matter can set some light to it.

Is there a window for minor of developing countries, as Vietnam, to get the short stay Schengen visa? I mean, how can I prove my minor brother's social/economic ties any stronger in this case?

I am thinking of reapplying but I need to make a stronger case. And at the moment, I am stuck. I thought about 1) changing name to all financial proof to his name 2) re-write the letter from the Headmaster to make it sound stronger 3) submit his Results Sheet of previous school years to show that he's been a good student and 4) a cover letter written by him to express his interest again

Thank you in advance for your help! I really appreciate it.


  • @linhnk30
    As you are a resident of France you should have applied for your brother to visit you in France irrespective that you intended to spend a longer time in Netherlands. Once he had the visa you could have travelled where you liked.
    You made an incorrect choice by applying to the Netherlands and complicated the issue unneccesarily.

    As a resident of France you could provide an Attestation d’ Accueil and provide a letter that your brother is staying with you which would mean accomodation costs for your brother are nil and therefore do not impact on his finances.

    Your brother needs access to his own money, as you say he needs his own accounts.
    I do not know what type of letter the school gave but obviously it needs to be strenghthend.Your parents can give a letter to say as a minor child they are responsible for his care and he needs to return home. Does he play in any teams or clubs that could give letters to say he needs to return?

    I do not know on what basis you reside in France, but you need to give your brother a letter of support to say that as a minor you are responsible for him during his stay and that you will ensure his return home.

  • @Alethia Thank you for your comment. I should have done as you said. I am residing in France as a worker and actually last year I invited my mom with the Attestation d'Accueil and she got visa for 6 months.

    Now back to my brother case. Do you think it is any stronger if I apply through French Embassy? He only has one social tie to Vietnam (the school), no team or club and I am not sure they count parents as a strong tie. So I would like your comment whether I have a strong case here with the French. I hear it all the time around me that "you will never get the visa in this case" and the truth is there are many who received a refusal simply for vague rearons. So I lost my confidence and honestly dont want 2 refusal stamps on his passport.

    Should I wait until his situation changes before reapplying?

    Thank you!
  • @linhnk30
    For your brothers citrcumstances to change he would need to be 18 years old. Then further complications will set in because he will be considerd an even greater risk as an unemployed single adult male.

    It does not matter if he has two rejection stamps on his passport, for passports expire or can be replaced.

    I would try with the French and you should be his sponsor, put letters in from your parents stating he is a minor and must return home for his studies etc. Just a thought does he have a college/university offer yet?
    Do everything else we discussed and good luck.
  • @Alethia He does not have a university offer yet, as he still has one more high school year to go before taking the exams to university.

    Some changes I will do:
    - Rewrite the letter from the headmaster stating that he has fulfilled his credits at school satisfactorily and that he's enrolled to the next year. State that she has personally known my brother for several years and she can attest to his good character and can assure that he would return home after the trip to continue his studies
    - Put in his school results for the last 2 years
    - Write a letter from my parents as you said
    - Write a letter from himself stating this intention why he's traveling to Europe
    - Change the name of the savings account to his name. Create a joint VISA card account for him and my mom with which he can withdraw money internationally

    Let me know if you think of any further thing to add in. All in all, thank you for your comments and guidance!
  • @linhnk30
    You should also put the Attestation d’ Accueil a letter from yourself to say that you will maintain and accomodate him during his stay .
    Include both your birth certificate and your brothers birth certificate to show you really are brothers
    A copy of your residence permit and your bank statements for last 3 months should also be included.

    I hope that helps
  • Hi Alethia, thanks for a good work done.its a very interesting and a wonderful plattform
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