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Spouse Visa for Sweden

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Hello i was born and grew in the UK , But ive spent the last 4.5 years working and living in Sweden. My question is that i get married to a Indonesian citizen in December and i would plan to bring her to live with me in Sweden , What rights to i have in Sweden to bring my future spouse to live with me.?, Im a little worried as i have my whole life in Sweden ,


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    I am assuming you are British (although you dont say so) By living and working in Sweden as a British citizen you are exercsing treaty rights

    The Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 (‘the Regulations’) sets out
    the rights of EEA nationals and their family members to enter and reside in the EU. The
    regulations are an interpretation of EU Directive 2004/38/EC (commonly referred to as the ‘Free Movement Directive’).

    As the wife of a British citizen exercising treaty rights your wife has the right to live with you in Sweden. After your marriage your wife applies to the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta for an EEA family VISA

    Family members of EU/EEA nationals (spouses and dependants) can apply for an EU- family visa.

    You would need to submit the following documents:

    Schengen application form
    2 photographs
    Marriage Certificate or full Birth Certificate (if not from UK - officially translated)
    Your wife's passport - should have plenty of time left on the passport
    The EU citizen's original passport.
    originals and a set of copies of the documents showing where you live in Sweden, utility bills, three months bankl statements and evidence of your employment in Sweden.

    There is no charge for this or any other visa and you should be given priority in the visa queue.
    Once in Sweden you apply for a residence permit for your wife.

    I hope this is the good news you wanted. Good luck

  • Thank you for your help in this stressful time for the both of us, GBU
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