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Medical certificate for marriage in Tunisia

edited June 2016 in - Tunisia
hey since ramadhan came i delayed my marriage till july
i know all papers requirement but 1 thing confused me abit
the medical certificate i know ill make one in tunisia for the marriage but my question is

why the embassy asking for medical certificate
maybe they want it from my wife country ? cause i saw this website


  • No - your medical certificate must be from Tunisia! You should both go together. Go to your doctor who will order the tests, then attend the laboratoire. You will have the results the same day. Take the results back to the doctor who will sign and certify
  • @guerradios
    Lesley is 100% correct the medical certificate must be done in Tunisia . I don't know why you think because your marrying a Bulgarian you do things differently.

    Nowhere on the Bulgarian MFA site does it state the medical certificate should be from Bulgaria. The website is referring to marriages abroad before a diplomatic or consular representative. You are not marrying in the Bulgarian consulate/ embassy you are marrying in Tunisia.

    The Tunisian civil ceremony is recognised as legal throughout the world.

  • ok thank you for clearing that
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