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Schengen Visa Refusal (Germany)

All ! my visa got refused second time at German embassy. This time they didn't even given me any reason.
First time they states that your intention to leave the territory member state could not be ascertained after an interview with gemran officer. I have a german friend who is sponsoring this whole travel he sent me all the required documents but how come they ignore all this. I have full fill all the requirements at second time but my passport was blank when I received it please guys just help me out.


  • @Sunshine222
    You were not given a reason this time as the first reason for refusal remains. You cannot rely on your sponsors documents alone. you need to provide documents that demonstrate you have strong ties to your home country.

    What nationality are you? Are you employed? What personal documents did you submit
    apart from your sponosrs documents.
  • I am a student and I have submitted college bonafied letter , I D card , my passport,covering letter , my personal bank statement, I am an Indian, flights tickets in second time and all other docs.
  • @Sunshine222, it sounds like you handed in a pretty complete application. Unfortunately, sometimes no amount of supporting documentation is enough - students are often considered to be at high risk of overstaying visas just because their age and lack of employment, dependents and property at home make them more likely not to leave the country they are visiting. If you have evidence of any ties to your home country besides your continued studies you should provide it. Alethia may be able to advise you on how to strengthen your application but bear in mind that granting you a visa is completely at the embassies discretion and providing all the documents doesn't always mean they will be convinced.
  • Thanks for reply.))
    It seems impossible to get visa in my parents are in heaven. And I don't have any property to show strong ties here. I have no intention to overstay.
    Can you help me that what kind of docs will support my application in this case.
    Or my sponsor will directly coordinate with them and he will take the responsibility that I will return to my country. Would this be fine and relevant solution? .
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