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Expired SA passport, British citizen

edited July 2016 in - Southern Africa
I moved to the UK when I was 11 years old – 2001, with a temporary South African passport as I had dual nationality (my mum was born here). I left SA with the temp one and entered the UK on my British passport. I never thought to renew my South African passport and have actually travelled there 4 times on my British passport, but nothing was said to me until the last time I travelled over, so now I am worried to do it again.

I have been trying to get through to the South African embassy for weeks, but in true SA style, there’s no-one available to take my call! I have the required forms to renounce my citizenship (BI-246 and BI-529), but don’t hold an ID card, South African passport, or even my birth certificate (I need to request a new one at some point, but don’t have time to do that before renouncing). I am sending them a letter with a certified copy of my British passport, mothers British passport and my marriage certificate in the hope that this will be enough information.

From experience, does anyone know how long it takes to renounce, or if you get a letter confirming this is happening so you are still able to travel to South Africa on your British passport? I am going over there in February with my husband, and want it to be as stress free as possible!!

Thanks guys!


  • @nstore90
    You will not be able to renounce your citizenship without your birth certificate. your marriage certificate is irrelevant as it has nothing whatsover to do with citizenship.

    Your birth certificate is the most important document.
    Why are you sending your mothers British passport, they only require a certified copy.

    The renunciation process can take over 12 months and you need to attend the South
    African High Commission in person.

    As from 4 July2016 there have been major changes at the SA High Commission London due to flooding at their Whitehall building. You do not need an appointment.
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