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Travel Advice for Cambodia

I am planning a holiday in Cambodia and I would appreciate some advice on a few things. First, what vaccinations should I get and is malaria medication necessary all year and in all regions?
Secondly, is it possible to rent a car and get around independently or is this a bad idea?


  • @HikeMike
    Malaria medication is not required all year and all regions look here

    The British Foreign an Commonwealth Office offer some useful advice also.
  • @HikeMike, what time of year are you visiting Cambodia? During the wet season - June to October - road travel becomes more difficult due to all the mud and flooding. Most travellers don't hire cars as the driving can be stressful and confusing - Cambodia has a very high road accident rate. In fact, authorities actually ban the renting of scooters and motorbikes to tourists every now and again to discourage foreigners from attempting to drive around by themselves. Apparently cars can be easily rented in the big centres but they almost always come with drivers - which is good news if you're worried about the driving but may compromise your desire to travel independently...
  • Thanks so much for the advice and the useful links. I'm not visiting in the wet season thankfully, and not going far off the usual tourist circuit of Cambodia which hopefully will help with roads.
  • Hike -I certainly agree with Ella. Having visited Cambodia a number of times there is absolutely no way on this earth that I would entertain driving myself around. Also you can't rely on the mechanical qualities of any car that you rent. They are not known for regular servicing. You may like to consider the local transport or find a very small group tour. There are any number of very good tour groups who have a maximum number of 6-8 people per tour.
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