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Passport Validity for entry into Australia

edited July 2016 in - Australia

I am from India.

I recently (3 weeks back) got my Australian Work Visa for self and family. The consulate has asked us to travel exactly in a month time (should make first entry before 21st July 2016). But my passport's validity is less than 6 months (expires by 15 December 2016). I checked with Australian Consulate and there is no 6 month validity for entering Australia.

I am travelling via Malaysia and have booked a round trip (transit time is 4 hours while onward and 2 hours while return), Will there be any problem during the transit on the passport validity ?

Note - I called Malaysian Airlines and they said if the transit time is less than 8 hours then there shouldn't be any problem.

Thanks in advance for your information.



  • @Mohanprasath
    The minute you knew you had an australian work visa you should have applied for a new passport. That would have been the best thing to do.

    Transit in an airport means you are not entering the country you are simply waiting in the airport , therefore your passport will not receive a Malaysian entry stamp so the six month rule does no apply.
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