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Passport validity for UAE, less than 6 months

edited July 2016 in - Dubai
Hi All ,
I need advice urgently. My children and I are going to Philiipines for five weeks and Dubai for seven nights . Unfortunately, my children's passport have five months left when we leave for Dubai. I called the airline I am travelling with and advise me that it should be ok but when I called UAE, they said they need six months validity. I f I go ahead with my trips, will UAE REFUSED MY CHILDREN TO ENTER UAE. NO TIME TO RENEW THEIR PASSPORT. NEED ADVISE PLEASE


  • Unfortunately it looks like the UAE requires six months of passport validity for all travellers, regardless of nationality. I'm surprised the airline said it should be okay - was it something to do with them being minors? Essentially, if you are allowed onto the plane it'll boil down to the immigration official who processes you in the UAE. It's risky.
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    @ puffnaz
    Ella is correct the UAE ( Dubai, AbuDhabi, Sharjah etc) require all passports have six months validity, technically your children you could be refused entry.
    You can verify the requirements here
  • Thank you Ella and Alethia.
  • Hi puffnaz are you able to tell me how you got on with situation I am in the same situation I just realised my son has only 5 months left. I am
  • I didn't have any problem. They didn't even check the passport don't worry, everything will be fine. Just act normal and make sure your hotel reservation is handy as they might ask you where you gonna stay.

    All the best!
  • Actually, we overlook passport validity. Always, it is better to plan journeys especially with family. Some times we may not get enough time to do a planning. So, it is better renew your passports before one year of expiry for safe journey. @puffnaz you are lucky, the officials overlooked that issue. Have a safe journey and good luck.
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