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Tunisian man married to an Indonesian woman

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I'm tunisian muslim man met a indonesian muslim woman and we decide to be married, she want the married be in indonesia , what papers i need and how can i do that and later come with her to live and get stay in my country ? thanks a lot for ur help


  • to be more clear in my question , first what steps i need to do in indonesia for the weeding and next what steps i need to to for her stay in tunisia after we come together and take the visa for her , thanks again
  • qyerni - you can visit Indonesia for a maximum of 30 days visa free. That should give you enough time to be married.

    Indonesian Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia

    15, Rue du Lac Malaren
    Les Berges du Lac
    BP 58 Berges du Lac
    1053 Tunis

    (+216) (71) 860-377
    (+216) (71) 860-702

    (+216) (71) 861-758

    [email protected]



    Mr Ronny P. Yuliantoro, Ambassador

    there is too much information on the website for copy and paste, but it gives you all what you need to marry in Indonesia. Please go to

    Once you are married you can return to Tunisia and apply for a spouse visa for you wife.
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    Normally there is a ten day waiting period to marry in Indonesia, but this can be waived for tourists. Your fiancce and you can request this at the Civil Registry when you arrive.

    Here are the documents you need to marry in Indonesia if you are having a Muslim Ceremony:

    1.Your Tunisian passport; Your Entry Visa to Indonesia must be clearly shown.
    2. You must obtain a certificate from the Mufti in Tunisia to show you are a Muslim.
    3.Your Tunisian Birth Certificate; This must show you are single/divorced etc
    4.Letter of No Impediment, a sworn affidavit witnessed by a Consular Officer at the Embassy of Tunisia in Indonesia stating that you are legally free to marry. You maybe able to obtain this document before you leave Tunisa , Please check with the Ministry in Tunisia.
    5.Copy of Divorce Decree (if you have been divorced).
    6. Death Certificate (if you are widowed)
    7. 5 Passport sized pictures for you and your fiance with red or blue background.
    8. Your fiancee's valid National Identification Card (Kartu Tanda Penduduk/KTP)
    9. Your Indonesian fiance(e) must obtain a document from the government district office, or Kelurahan to show that she is free to marry

    All your documents must be translated into Indonesian by an authorized translator, on your arrival in Indonesia.
    Are you over the age of 21 if not you will require a notarised letter from your parents giving consent to your wedding.

    As your fiancee is Muslim, the ceremony will be carried out by the Kantor Urusan Agama (“KUA”) or the Office of Religious Affairs. The ceremony can be at a mosque, in a home, a restaurant, or any other place chosen by the couple and is legal immediately after the ceremony. There must be two witnesses, over the age of 21 at the wedding.
    The KUA office will issue a Marriage Book (“Buku Nikah”), which is evidence that you have legally married.
    People married in a Muslim ceremony and issued a Marriage Book need not record their marriage with the Civil Registry.
    A sworn English translation of the marriage certificate should be obtained for use abroad.
    (an English translation of your marriage certificate will be easier to translate to French or Arabic in Tunisia)

    Before the marriage, you and your fiancee may want to file with the Civil Registry a prenuptial Property Agreement which must be signed before a local Notary Public. This contract is necessary if the Indonesian spouse wishes to hold property separately during the marriage. In the absence of such a document, Indonesian marriage law assumes joint ownership of property. This is similar to the Tunisian marriage agreement.

    Good Luck to you both. I will now look what you need to bring your wife to Tunisia.

  • @qyerni
    This is what you need to do to bring your wife to Tunisia
    Before you leave Tunisia go to the immigration police and check what you need to bring your wife to Tunisia.
    Once you are married go to the Tunisian Embassy in Indonesia and make an affidavit that this is your wife put her passport number and attach a passport photo and you want her to join you as your wife in Tunisia.

    You could try to do this at the notarys office before you leave Tunisian as it might be easier this is your "invitation" for your wife to join you. Are you working ? If so your employer can give you a letter confirning you are employed. Also make a certified copy of your passport and ID card.

    Once you are married you can apply imediately for your wife's via give these documents

    – Your wifes passport must be valid for 6 months or more

    – 2 passport-style photographs

    – Completed and signed visa application form

    – Certified copies of your Tunisian passport and ID card

    - Affidavit stating this is your wife and you will support her

    - Your employers letter

    - Certified copy of your Indonesian marriage certificate translated into French or
    Go with your wife to the Embassy do not leave her to apply for the visa alone. It can take approximately 15 days for her to be granted a visa.

    Tunisian Embassy
    Jl. Karang Asem Tengah Blok C5 No. 15
    Jakarta Selatan 12950
    TELEPHONE(+62) (21) 5289 2328 / 9
    FAX(+62) (21) 525 31 23
    [email protected]
    Mr Mourad Belhassen, Ambassador
  • thanks a lot for help me :)
  • qyerni - please be sure to register the marriage as soon as you can so it will be on your certificate de naissance. You will need this for the visa for your wife.
  • @Lesley
    These people want to marry in Indonesia. So you are suggesting @qyerni comes all the way back to Tunisia after his wedding just to register his marriage on the birth certificate, because that means his wife cannot apply for her visa until he sends back his birth certificate to her.
    If he goes with her to the Tunisian Embassy in Jakarta after the wedding with the translated marriage certificate and the other documents I have listed she can apply straight away.
  • Perhaps I wasn't clear. He should register his marriage at the Embassy in Jakarta. Then he should ensure this appears on his birth certificate otherwise he cannot prove that he is married
  • thanks a lot for help me again , and if i want live there what i need to do ??
  • @qyerni
    Please look at this website
    In the case of marriage, foreigners who marry Indonesian citizens cannot automatically live in Indonesia, they are still required to apply for a residence visa, with the Indonesian spouse acting as sponsor. A foreign spouse is given a KITAS. (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas) a Temporary Residency Permit. A one year KITAS costs approx £50 (140 Tunisian Dinar)

    When you have the KITAS you must apply for a MERP a multiple entry and exit visa.You need this MERP if you leave Indonesia without your MERP the KITAS residence permit will be cancelled when you try to re-enter Indonesia.

    An immigration bill was passed in April 2011 that allows foreigners married to an Indonesian citizen to obtain permanent residency after two years of marriage, giving them the right to work without sponsorship. Once permanent residency has been obtained, they only need to report to immigration once every five years. There is no charge for this.

    To work in Indonesia you will require a work permit until you are granted permanent residence. An employer sponsors work permit.
    Its more complicated than Tunisia but both you and your wife will be able to work in Indonesia whereas in Tunisia your wife cannot work and there is high unemployment.
  • thanks very very much alethia :)
  • other and finaly question , please i apologize for my questions , what about live with her in malaysia i hear it is so easy for tunisian , what about her , tell me everything about two forgiens live in malaysia
  • @qyerni
    You can enter Malaysia without a visa for 90 days. however you need a work permit to work and just like Indonesia the employer is the one who applies for the work permit.
    Your wife can enter Malaysia without a visa but only for 30 days. If you are granted a work permit your wife will be given a visa as your depoendent.
    You do not say what you do for a living.
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