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Visa English test for Tunisian man

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I wanted to know what is the correct test that my Tunisian husband will need to take for his visa application to England. Also any links or suggestions on who i book this with . Many thanks


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    Your husband is requitred to take the IELTS Life Skills A1 Language test at the British Council in Tunis. Follow the instructions on the site to book the test.
    UKVI stands for United Kingdom Visas and Immigration.
  • Thank you
  • Once married can i ask what the correct procedure is for the wedding documents I.e wedding certificate. Do you need to take it to Tunis to get it stamped . Is there a waiting period . Do they translate it in to English. Do i then need to take it to england ?
    If someone could please explain the process I need to follow. Thanks in advance
  • @kimmo
    Normally you get the marriage certificate quite quickly ( a day or so) no you dont have to take it to Tunis to have it stamped. The marriage certificate is usually in Arabic it can be easily translated. Your fiance should know this.
    You need to send the original marriage certificate and any translation with the visa application, so you need to take it to the UK with you.
  • Thank you. The reason I ask is that the registrar when we went to see him last week said to my husband that he needs to take it to Tunis to get it stamped so i am confused . I also was told this by another girl that has recently married a Tunisian man . But the conversation and meeting that I had with her was quite brief. She said that her husband will be going to Tunis yo get it stamped and then will be sending her the certificate in the post to her in the uk
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    To have the marriage certificate stamped where and by whom? Or have the translation certified and stamped?
    Perhaps Lesley knows I don't.
    After speaking to my clients and reading the rubbish written on Facebook and other sites by the British girlfriends and wives of Tunisian men that they don't know much and they make it up as they go along.

    What I do know is that you DO NOT put a precious document such as a marriage certificate in the post. Idiotic !
  • I have no idea that's what I am trying to find out . The registrar said it in Arabic to my finacee . I will try and get him to ask again
  • As I want to learn more about this and the reason
  • Kimmo, stamped by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign affairs, your husband should be able to find this out, but he needs to take it in person, not in the post :)
  • Kimmo - my presumption is that you are marrying in Tunis? Who performed the marriage - a notaire? The notaire will register the marriage and stamp the documents for the court. Your husband will need to ensure that the notaire has done this in order for him to have his new certificate de naissance (birth certificate). All life events are noted on the birth certificate.

    Do you know what your marriage contract says or did you just sign it blindly? You should know exactly what you are signing and if you agree to it!!!!

    By the way - your husband knows exactly what he needs to do and posting anything from Tunis to the UK is pure stupidity. It is a hit and miss situation - maybe it will get there but the odds are that it won't!
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    Why has the marriage certificate to be stamped by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign affairs.? What is the purpose? It is not required for visa purposes so who made up this "rule".

    I have never come across this and believe it is nonsense put about on Facebook and other groups for British women marrying Tunisians

    As for posting, Kimmo was referring to posting documents to the UK (foolish idea) not to some Ministry in Tunis.
  • I have not signed anything. And you may recall in previous posts I am very clear that I want to read anything in English before I sign it.
    I will be marrying in Tunisia sousse.
    And no my finacee does not know what to do . He has never been married before and this I all new to him as it is me.
    My question and the reason I ask Is that on a recent visit to the notaire to give him my cni he mentioned to my finacee that he would need to get the wedding certificate papers stamped in Tunis. On travelling back from Tunisia I also was speaking to a English girl who has mentioned the same thing that she had just got married and her husband was going to Tunis to get the paperwork stamped . Then would be sending the paperwork to her in the UK. It is not my business if that is a silly mistake and is up to them . My question is entirely based on the paperwork requiremnets for the visa. And what and if we need to go to Tunis to get something stamped.
  • @kimmo
    There IS NO requirement under the British immigration rules for Tunisian marriage certificates to be stamped by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign affairs. It is absolute nonsense.

    Lesley lives in Tunisia and is married to a Tunisian, I practice immigration and human rights law and have bought hundreds of spouses to the UK in the past twenty five years.
    We do not make this up as we go along.

    Your husband is Tunisian, lives in Tunisia and speaks the language, tell him to ask questions. If the notaire said you need the wedding papers stamped he should ask why.
    Tunisians have huge families he must have been to a wedding before.

    As Leslie told you, its probably to do with the change of status on your fiances birth certificate. Tunisian birth certificates record marriages not just births.
  • My husband worked for a Ministry in Tunis, I never even mentioned anything to him about stamps as I didn't have a clue what he needs over there, it is him who told me this and not some FB group! I will not bother to mention or offer advice despite my husband getting his visa successfully, WITHOUT an immigration lawyer obviously my very recent experience counts for nothing, good luck to all on here!
  • @sareer24
    You have not given a reason why your husband had stamps put on your marriage certificate. There had to be a reason behind it.

    Tunisians like "stamps"on documents because they make things look legal.
    Just because your husband had stamps put all over your marriage certificate does not mean it is a requirement of the UK Immigration rules. To stamp or not to stamp is discussed ad infinitum on FB and other sites.

    Lots of people apply for visas without the help of an immigration lawyer some are successful some are not. Congratulations on your success.
  • Personally I have had nothing stamped - only the translation of my marriage contract. Been living here for 100 years and never had to have anything stamped by the Ministry of Justice or l'etrangers!!
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