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Husband refused visa for Norway

This discussion was created from comments split from: Pakistan citizen refused Schengen Visa.


  • umarumillaumarumilla 2:53PM
    Hi, I applied for a schegen visa to Norway to visit my spouse that we got married 5 months ago when she visited me in Sierra Leone and I got rejected. Grounds for the decision is:
    Justification for the purpose of intended stay has not been provided. Reference is made to the fact that the applicant's and the reference's marriage has not been registered in the Norwegian population system.
    The applicant wishes to visit his wife. However, the embassy does not consider this a satisfactory reason that outweighs the applicant's necessary tie with his home country.
    We have noted that the applicant comes from a country with a great potential for emigration due to its social and economic situation. In our experience, many applicants fail from west Africa wish to resettle in other countries.
    The applicant is relatively young, married and has no children. He has not stated to have property or other financial commitments in his home country.
    After considering these aspect of the application, the embassy finds that the applicant lack the necessary ties with his country of origin.
    These were the reasons that they gave, she wants to get the marriage registered in their population system and file in an appeal since she is expecting to undergo a surgery on the 5th of September or if we can reapply since time is not in our favor to be with her while she is going to undergo her surgery, these are the two options and I don't have much clue neither she has about the process.
    What is your advice as to what we should do?
  • @umarumilla
    It is highly unlikely that you will be granted a visit visa to Norway even if you appeal because your marriage is not registered or recognised by the Norwegian population system. Its obvious by this that your wife does not have a clue.

    The Norwegian authorities believe that you are trying to bypass the immigration rules by entering Norway as a visitor Norway is not the only country that takes this stance many other countries refuse to grant vist visas to men from poor countries who are engaged or married to women from richer countries.

    You have no legal entitlement to enter Norway just because you are married to a Norwegian citizen, yes you can appeal but you are wasting your time.

    Your wife needs to get her act together and apply for you to join her in Norway as her husband not as a visitor, that is the only chance you have
    of being together.
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