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Schengen Visa rejected

My schengen Visa got rejected for two reasons..1) justification for purpose and condition of stay not provided 2) information regarding justification is not reliable
I was and going to visit Spain with my Fiancee and her family who were coming from different parts of the world.I am a Muslim guy from India and was travelling out of India for the first time.I had given cover letter stating purpose of stay as tourism .
Need advise if 1) Should I re apply 2) Should I re appeal 3) Should I mentions the details of otherr who would be travelling from other part and 4) Is it important to mention places in cover letter which l may visit


  • @anwar
    You cannot just give a cover letter stating purpose tourism. Where were you staying ? Did you buy the airticket? If so where was your flight intinerary? Did you put in any evidence
    about your work, bank statements, payslips. Evidence of strong ties to India and your home.

    Appealing is a waste of time as there is no cohesive system for appealing, some countries the appeals are never answered.

    It is extremely difficult for single men from poor countries to be granted a visa.

    All you can do is you reapply. By the way was your fiance granted a visa?

  • I had submitted all document.. letter from the resort..flight tickets.. certificate from employer salary slips , bank statements..
    India is a fastest growing economy and many other people who are joining us and all of them have got their visa done though that it will not be difficult..Yes she was granted visa.
    Please suggest any additional supporting document which I can submit if I Re apply apart from the documents already asked for
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    Though India boasts of a high economic growth, it is shameful that there is still large scale poverty in India. It has the world's largest number of poor people living in a single country. You are single male from a poor country that has a high level of emigration to richer countries.

    Obviously the Spanish authorities did not believe your documents, which is why you were refused. All documents relating to travel should be done through a bona fide travel agent.

    It looks also as if you failed to demonstrate strong ties to home.
  • @anwar
    resort letter is not a letter for tour organizer neither is it an hotel reservation.
    you need an hotel reservation or letter from a tour organizer.
    you need to work on your cover letter.i guest your previous cover letter does not really explain then purpose of your trip.and also make sure you add itinerary to your your day to day activity.
    note:resort is a place for vacation .
  • Hi, I need suggestion from you all. I had applied for Italy visa and got refused ,the reason being stated as intended stay was not reliable,as I have booked flight tickets to and fro Italy and only the stay in Milan as I was not aware and applied for the first time. But in the interview , I said I would be visiting other countries too within schengen area. Now, I am applying for visa in Embassy of spain, Delhi with all the itinerary.Will my visa get refused ? Give me some suggestions or should I apply for some other countries other than spain. Coz I have cancelled my flight ticket already and at a great loss.
  • @monalisha
    Going to different embassies to apply for a Schengen visa is known as "visa shopping" this is not allowed and you will be refused. All Schengen countries are linked to VIS the world's largest biometric database. Once your fingerprints (biometrics ) are taken embassies have all your details when you shop around for a visa.

    Choose a country give and itinerary and stick to it
  • So what shall be my option. How will I apply for the same ? Could u give me suggestion as to how should i apply for schengen visa
  • HI,

    I'm from srilanka.

    I have applied Schengen tourist visa in Spain with my family. but my visa was refused by the embassy. Now i got a chance in spain university. That course duration is 1 month. it is a language course. if my spain tourist visa rejected can apply student visa?
  • @Rukshini1995_Bernard
    You can apply for a student visa after the refusal of a tourist visa. You can apply at any time.
  • I'm staying in a rental house. do they require own property proof.
  • I have university admission and accommodation,receipts of fees which i paid to the university with the university seal, 3 months Bank statement balance like 3000 euro,GS certificate that i'm staying with my family members,air tickets up and down reservation and my professional qualification certificates. is there any possibility that i can get my visa?
  • @Rukshini1995_Bernard
    You sound as if you have a much better chance to be granted a visa this time.
  • but i'm so scared to apply because of my previous refusal.
  • "... but i'm so scared to apply because of my previous refusal..."

    Just apply. There's nothing further anyone can do to make you less scared.

    Good luck.

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