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Travelling to Germany with Romanian Residence Card

This discussion was created from comments split from: Do i need a visa to go visit portugal?.


  • Hi Alethia, my wife is Romania and we live together in Romania I hold residence permit which is not under eu laws. My family are inviting us to come to Germany for a visit. What documents no I need to obtain visa and can I request for multiple entry visa? Thank you hope to hear from you soon
  • @fresh1985
    As Romania is not yet in the Schengen zone you will need to apply for a Schengen visa from the German Embassy in Bucharest.
    the visa is free of charge as you are married to an EU citizen . You can apply for a mutiple entry visa but normally for your first visa you are only granted a single entry.

    You will need :-
    Your Romanian Residence Card
    Your Passport
    Your Wifes ID card or passport
    Marriage certificate translated to German
    3 months bank statements
    If you both work letters from your employers and 3 months payslips for you and your wife ( this demonstrates you are together and she supports you)
    Bills or documents to show you live together,
    Invitation letter from German relatives
    Evidence to show you rent or own your home
    Letter from your wife giving reasons for travel and that you will be going together

  • Thanks for immediate respond. My sister went for invitation from German municipal but they said I don't need invitation and secondly the residence permit they gave me does not permit me to work though my wife is working. What should we do Alethia we need your more advice
  • @fresh1985
    I was talking about a written invitation from your wifes family. not the German authorities. Your wife is Romanian and therefore does not need any type of invitation.
    How long is your residence permit valid?
    It was my understanding that family reunification residents could apply for a work permit.
    As you do not work just show your wife's payslips and bank statements.
    What country are you from.?
  • I'm from Ghana and I hold prolong residence and valid up to February.
  • @fresh1985
    You should be fine to travel to Germany with your Romanian wife , do not stay out of Romania too long as you need to apply for your extended residence.
  • Thanks Alethia rely appreciate for your help . We are just going for one week visit. What i don't understand is a written invitation from your wifes family. Please can you tell me more
  • @ fresh1985
    They just have to write to your wife and your saying they are inviting you to stay for a week, no need to book a hotel as they have plenty of room for you to stay. They are looking forward to seeing you and showing you the sites of (whatever place they live)
    They must put their name and address and telephone number.

    Under EU law you have every right to travel freely with your wife.
  • Thank you for your advice
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