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Denmark visa refused and automatically appealed

Hi guidance friends,

I am a fashion designer and I have applied for Norway visa in my countries Denmark embassy who are representing Norway. But unfortunately i've been refused by mentioning two option:

You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence, for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country into which you are certain to be admitted, or you are not in a position to acquire such means lawfully.

Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa applied for could not be ascertained.

I've submitted my friend's VU2 filled form where my friend mentioned that he will cover my all expenses during my stay in Norway.
excempt bank statement i have submitted my international debit card where i get my wages all time but visa officer asked me that whether i can provide my expenses in bank or not! and i answered that i can't because i dont use bank as my all earning is comes from abroad.

I've submitted my marriage certificate but have not included my child birth certificate.

Also i have submitted flight booking other papers they needs.

As a designer i creates apparel designs for my Norwegian friend's brand and i am going to Norway to meet with him and research more way to develop his grown clothing brand by my designs.

I have submitted our skype conversation's 30 page print out too. But i go refused and they mentioned that my case is automatically appealed to Danish Immigration Service and i have to contact with them.

Than i have contacted with danish immigration service and submitted my child birth certificate and our family photos.

But already 6 months is over but till have not get their decision yet.

I hope you peoples can help me.


  • I am from Bangladesh
  • @shemul
    The vast majority of rejections issued by a Danish embassy or consulate are automatically sent to the Danish Immigration Service for appeal. The applicant does not need to request an appeal.

    However in certain instances, rejections are not automatically appealed. These include applications rejected due to:

    1.False or falsified information from the applicant
    2.Other false, counterfeit or forged documents in support of the application
    3.Lack of proof that the applicant has sufficient means to stay in Denmark and to return home
    4.Failure to submit proof of adequate and valid travel insurance

    Your visa application was for Norway not for Denmark, so its highly likely that your visa was not automatically appealed for the following reasons.
    1. You failed to provide proof of sufficient means of subsistence, during your stay.
    2. The Danish Immigration Service cannot handle the appeal for another country

    As for sending birth certificates and photos, that is not going to help you. You probably wont see them again

    It is most irregular for someone who is supposed to be having any type of business income not to have a bank account. It is much easier and cheaper to transfer money than using a pre paid debit card.

    You will not be granted a visa until you have at least six months bank statements. So off you go to Sonali Bank or any other reputable bank and open an account. Your friend in Norway also needs to submit bank accounts if he is going to support you.

    Then you need to show very strong ties to Bangladesh

    Until you provide these items you will never be granted a visa

  • @Alethia

    Thank you so much Alethia for your great helping on my matter.

    I have more thing on my case to share with you, embassy has issued me refusal letter where they have mentioned that my case has automatically appealed to the Danish Immigration Service and i have to contact with them. Than I've contact with Danish Immigration Service and sent my child birth certificate with our family photos. Also i have informed them that my friend want to submit his 2015 tax report if appeal needs than. He also tried a lot time by calling them but each and every time he was hung up for long time and he has cutt off the call every time. I have informed that to appeal authority. Appeal authority emailed me and said they will decide my case within 4-6 months, but till i have not get decision after over this 6 months.

    As a overseas fashion designer i get my all wages via a international debit card and i do not use local bank as i dont need them at all. I just use local atm to withdraw funds.

    just a few days ago i have reapply again to join in Miss Universe in Norway as my designed costumes will be attires by all 15 finalist at final round. And i have submitted an fixed deposit of 8 Lac BDT (about 10,000 USD) and on another normal account One Lac BDT (about 1300 USD).

    But embassy said i have to withdraw my application or change flight date as i have submitted in only 4 days prior my program.

  • @shemul
    Every country in the Schengen zone have there own appeal procedure. There is no central procedure, most appeals never receive an answer.

    I will repeat what I said earlier you need bank statements a pre paid international debit card is NOT proof of your finances.
  • @Alethia

    Thank you Alethia,

    Okey i noted your points, one travel agent said i need to show 10,000 USD in my account to get visa. Is it essential that i have to keep minimum 10,000 USD in my account?

    now i want to reapply for another visa, so if i open an new bank account and make transaction 2-3 months and submit 3 months bank statement than will it be sufficient? or i need to make transaction 6 months and than apply?

    And most importantly, as my host will provide me air ticket, and i will stay in his home, and he will cover my all expenses during my stay.

    So how much money i need to have in my bank account than? is there any essential amount required to be in account?

    I hope you can help me on this provlem.
  • @shemul
    alethia(the special one) as said it will be very difficult to have a visa without you having a bank account and you are also self receive your wages in your INTERNATIONAL debit card, which is possible and OK.but the caseworkers do not think outside the account is also an evidence of proof of employment with wages or salary.
    please note:if an applicant claims that he or she receives an income either as an employee,employer or from property etc,bank account must be submitted.even if your journey is been sponsor by someone else, you must submit your bank account along with the sponsor account as long as you claim you earn an income.

    @shemul,you need to open a bank account.if the embassy you applied for required 3 months bank account,make sure your bank account is 3months old but if the embassy requires 6months bank account make sure your account is 6 months old.there is no particular amount require.budget 50-60 euro per day. please make sure your wages appear in your statement of account .

    you also need to show evidence that you are an authorized designer,marriage certificate ,child or children birth certificate,proof of payment of tax.

    please note:i am not a travel agent or immigration lawyer.
    once again, ALETHIA(the special one) advice should be put into use.
  • edited August 2016

    Thank you so much both of you Alethia and [email protected] Now i am more clear and just needs a little more clear.

    As i work as a overses fashion designer, is it sufficient if i submit my designing conversation 30 pages skype screenshot, and my designed costumes attires by Miss Universe in Norway? my designed costumes attires in Miss Universe in Norway twice time on Miss Universe 2015 and 2016. So i have these so many catwalk images which clothing and apparels is my designed.

    So can it prove my authorized designer?

    And also i will apply for 3 days so I have $500 USD for each day = $1500 USD in my bank account so is it sufficient? altogh my all expenses with air fair will provided my host who is the owner of clothing brand for which i design and send from Bangladesh and they pay me from there by debit card. And this brand's costumes were attires in Miss Universe twice event 2015 and 2016 as this brand was main sponsor of Miss Universe in Norway.
  • @shemul
    You do not need USD10,000 constantly in your bank account. To travel to Norway for two weeks you would need to demonstrate that you have $1,000 (Euro850, Norwegian Kroner 8000) for travel purposes if you have USD 3,000 you should be ok.

    @larryblank123 has also gioven you good advice. When applying for a schengen visa you need to have documentary evidence of everything.
  • @Alethia

    Thank you very much Alethia i am really was so much upset and disapointed for my confusion but now i am feeling relax and being encourage by your creative guidance.

    As a oversea designer i works for a norwaygean sports brand and send my design from Bangladesh. And this brand was main sponsor on Miss Universe 2015 and 2016 where my designed this brand's costumes attires in Miss Unvierse Final round in twice 2015 and 2016.

    So i have a lot of these images where Norwaygean many sports celebrity is wearing my designed costumes.

    And also i have 30 page skype converssation screenshot between my designing and talking about designing with the brand's CEO who is my host.

    And my host will provide my all expenses during my stay in Norway and also he will provide me air fair too.

    I will submit my application, cover letter, travel insurance, flight booking, VU2 form filled by my host the brand, and my bank statement where i have more than $3000 USD. 30 pages kype screenshot where this norwaygean brand ceo is discusing and checking my designing, my designed Miss Universe imagery, My marriage certificate, my child birth certificate.

    So is there anything more to be submitted?
  • @ shemul
    Images of your designs for Miss World is not enough, you need writtren evidence of this in brochures, letters from the brand itself not just conversations.
  • @Alethia

    Thank you very much Alethia, so can you please kindly let me know exactly what should be written on letter by my host brand?
  • @shemul
    do you have Authorization of practice as a designer or do you belong to any designer association.
    if you have Authorization of practice certificate add it to your application or if you belong to any designer associated,get a letter from the association.if you have a membership certificate, you can also add it as well.

    you will need an official invitation letter and the IV should state clearly that they will be sponsoring you and it should also state the address of the accommodation you will stay when you come over there. and also the IV should state clearly the reason you are been invited.
    they should also put copy of the brand been registered over there,if possible, copy of there bank statement,copy of there tax.

    all this will be a great boost for your visa.
    i guest your application is a business trip not tourist .
  • @shemul
    :Larry has given you the best information.
  • @larryblank123


    Thank you for your great advice.

    I have authorized as a designer and i have million of my designs and proof to establish me to embassy that i am a professional international designer and already embassy is admitted that i am high ranking designer.

    But my host sent me the official invitation form which is downloaded from danish website VU2 form.

    In this for my host right marked that i will be staying in his residence and he is sponsoring my all expenses during my stay and also he will cover my air fair.

    He has written his residence address, phone number, email address, social security number, and his brand tax number too.

    He mentioned that i will be visiting them to research the European market and peoples to create more ideas for his brand's upcoming products by meeting all together.

    He said its not usual in Norway to submit bank statement and he can submit 2015 whole year tax report if embassy asked him. And already he has written on the VU2 form his brand's tax number.

    i have submitted the skype screen shot where my host is talking and seeing my designs on skype and asking to changes etc. So in the skype conversation screenshot its shown my designing and also its shown my host's direction etc. So embassy can get confirmation that i am that designer who is designing for a Norwegian sports brand form Bangladesh.

    If i need to submit my host's letter where he can state that i am working as overseas designer for them from Bangladesh than would you please let me know that format texting how and where what should be written by my host?

    I hope these information can get your help.

    Thanks again for your kind help.

  • @shemul
    The letter must be on the Norwegian company letter head and be addressed to the Danish Embassy in Bangladesh
    He should state the nature of the companys business and put the companies tax and business numbers
    How long he has been doing business with you and the purpose of your trip to Norway.
    He can confirm that they are paying for your air fare and accomodation fot the duration of your stay it
    After signing he should put the company stamp on the letter.

  • @Alethia

    Thank you so much Alethia i will follow your advice and submit my application and also if face any doubt than i will again request help from you.

  • Dear @Alethia,

    How you are you? hope everything is going fine?

    I have one more request to you, one denmark visa processing agent told me that if i want to go Norway which is representing by Denmark embassy here in Bangladesh than i must have to visit few countries before apply Norway visa.

    But i have blank password, so do i need to visit few country before applying Norway visa? i hope you can pay your attention on my original problem above before accepting my this request.
  • @shemul
    Your agent has no idea what he is talking about. There is no such rule in any Schengen state that you must visit other countries before you apply to Norway. Absolute nonsense. Why are you using an agent, these people just rip you off.
    The Schengen form is straightforward to complete and we have discussed what documents you need.
    You apply here
  • @Alethia

    Thanks a lot for your very kind help. Yes i am also upset after talking with them. I am not using agent anymore but just was wondering whether agent will be good for me than myself application. But you are right they talk like uneducated peoples. So i will again reapply by myself by following your guidance.

    Thanks a lot for your kind help.
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