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Indian Tourist Visa for Singapore

Do i need to have a travel insurance and will the imigration officer checks if i am carying a travel insurance.
How much amount or sufficient balance should my bank account reflect before they stamp my Visa.
Do i need to book hotel before applying indian Visa


  • @Protim
    You are not required by law to have travel insurance but it is neccesary for your own peace of mind an security to have travel insurance.
    Yes you need to book accomodation before applying for the visa as they ask where you will stay.
    Singapore is quite expensive but food from hawker centres and courts can be very cheap after your hotel is paid for you need about US $50 -$100 per day so you need to calculate that daily rate by the number of days you will stay and what you intend to do in Singapore. You must have sufficient funds for the trip and some extra for miscellaneous items that could crop up.
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